Ett intressant tal av senator James Inhofe, då ordförande i senatens Environment and Public Works Committee. Där han redogör för massmedias hysteri kring Global Warming och hur vetenskapligt dåligt underbyggd denna teori är. Talet hölls den 25 september 2006 men det som sägs där är ännu mer giltigt idag då hysterin kring Global Warming bara har tilltagit.

Några highlights:

”The more the eco-doomsayers’ predictions fail, the more the eco-doomsayers predict.”

”The history of the modern environmental movement is chock full of predictions of doom that never came true. We have all heard the dire predictions about the threat of overpopulation, resource scarcity, mass starvation, and the projected death of our oceans. None of these predictions came true, yet it never stopped the doomsayers from continuing to predict a dire environmental future.

”The Kyoto Protocol is a lot of economic pain for no climate gain.”

”I firmly believe that when the history of our era is written, future generations will look back with puzzlement and wonder why we spent so much time and effort on global warming fears and pointless solutions like the Kyoto Protocol.”

”You’ll find more dissent at a North Korean political rally than in this program” because of its lack of scientific objectivity.”

”It is an inconvenient truth that so far, 2006 has been a year in which major segments of the media have given up on any quest for journalistic balance, fairness and objectivity when it comes to climate change.”

”The American people should be worried — very worried — of such shoddy journalism.”

Talet finns här:

Här ett annat intressant tal av samme senator och orförande:

An Update on the Science of Climate Change” som han höll den 4 januari 2005.


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