Miljökonferensen på Balis verkliga inre liv

Nu finns det en tjusig medicinsk term för Global Warming hysterin – Mass Psychogenic illness!

Har hittat en mycket intressant och träffsäker beskrivning av den ”internationella konferens kulturen”, inklusive miljökonferenser skriven av Professor Philip Stott.

Han beskriver mycket träffande det rituella mönster och de ritualer som dessa stora konferenser följer. Som miljökonferensen nu på Bali. Och har man varit på några av dessa konferenser så är det väldigt mycket som man känner igen. Liturgin, formalia, förhandlingsspelet som pågår, öppet och i kulisserna (vilket kan vara helt skilda saker) etc..

Det är i stort sätt ”samma gäng” av tjänstemän och representanter för FN, EU, olika organisationer etc. som dyker upp vid dessa möten. Och återkommer år efter år.

Och om man har följt förhandlingarna på Bali så har de nästan på pricken följt detta mönster. Vilket gör det hela lite komiskt med tanke på all hysteri kring detta.

Och tro nu inte att det här mönstret bara gäller miljökonferenser. Utan det gäller för alla dessa stora mer eller mindre återkommande möten (fredsförhandlingar, biståndsförhandlingar etc.).

Så nästa gång ni läser om, och nyheter kring, en av dessa stora konferenser så kommer ni att känna igen mönstret.

För att återgå till hysterin kring Global Warming, och som jag sagt tidigare: Det är inte bra för den psykiska och fysiska hälsan att gå omkring och vara ständigt oroad. Framförallt inte för saker som man inte kan påverka så mycket.

Och nu finns det en tjusig medicinsk term för detta och hela Global Warming hysterin – ”Mass psychogenic illness” (MPI).

Ett mycket träffande citat från American Family Physician (2000) Vol. 62/No. 12: “Mass psychogenic illness involves people with real symptoms that are often triggered by misunderstood or false information. Unfortunately, by the time many outbreaks are recognized as psychogenic illness, they have had a devastating effect on the communities and individuals involved.

 Sanningen är alltså att hysterin kring Global Warming är skadlig för din hälsa.

Så nu vet ni vad våra kära politiker, massmedia, kändistyckare och s.k. vetenskapsmän lider av – Mass psychogenic illness!

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Här kommer Stotts artikel:

”GW, Bali, And Mass Sociogenic Illness

Will the U.N. Conference on Climate Change (UNFCCC) [COP 13/MOP 3, Bali, Indonesia, December 3-14] follow the now well-established pattern of manic-depression that has characterised nearly all such previous mass meetings, including those in The Hague (2000), in Marrakesh, Morocco (2001), in Edinburgh around the G8 Summit (2005), in Montreal (2005), and in Nairobi, Kenya (2006)?

First, key figures will work hard, through the media, to try to lower public expectations – e.g., ”This is only about producing a ‘road map’, or timetable, for future negotiations”; ”It is just about putting a process in motion rather than taking any substantive decisions.”

Then, for the first few days of the Conference nothing much obvious will happen, and there is little for the hordes of environmental reporters to report. Things only start to get ‘hot’ when governments finally let loose their senior figures to ‘finalise’ the key issues during the last three days [for example, the UK will be sending three gunboats to Bali, namely HMS Hilary Benn, the Environment Secretary, his junior minister, HMS Phil Woolas, and jolly old HMS Sir Nicholas Stern (”For it is he!”)].

Then, if things go to plan, the ‘meeting’ will be reported as ”slow and difficult”, or even ”failing” (as, classically, at Montreal in 2005), with participants walking out, or raising ”impossible” issues. ”Why do the developing countries keep on insisting that we should carry all the burden and pay for everything?” Ultimately, the ‘meeting’ then extends into the early hours of the morning after the day on which it is meant to have closed, the chair and host nation using every trick in the moral-blackmail book to achieve something for the record and for home consumption.

Finally, a relatively bland agreement is cobbled together at the very last minute. Thousands of participants and journalists emerge from their fierce-small-world euphoric, tears are shed, and the ”success” of the meeting is over-hyped and over-spun – ”The world can breathe again!”; ”We are saved!”; ”Real progress has been made!”

Eventually, in the cold light of day, euphoria turns quite quickly to angst and to bitterness as it becomes increasingly obvious that little-to-nothing has really been achieved and that nobody will act on what has been agreed in any case.

The euphoric high is inexorably followed by a long depression – until, that is, the next migration and Conference of 15,000 souls [COP 14, by the way, will be in Poznań, Poland, from 1-12 December, 2008. Just thought you would like to know].

Medical Symptoms?

If you examine carefully the symptoms exhibited during and after these repeated ‘meeting patterns’, while analysing in detail the changing media language involved, it becomes obvious that ‘global warming’ hype is leading to clinically-identifiable symptoms closely associated with those presented in ‘mass psychogenic illness’, or ‘mass sociogenic illness’.

The following two medical papers explain these syndromes, with detailed examples: (a) ‘Mass psychogenic illness: role of the individual physician’ [American Family Physician (2000) 62: 2649-53,2655-6], and (b) ‘Mass psychogenic illness: a case report and overview’ [Psychiatric Times, April 2000, XVII, 4]. Here is a key passage from (a):

”Mass psychogenic illness is characterized by symptoms, occurring among a group of persons with shared beliefs regarding those symptoms, that suggest organic illness but have no identifiable environmental cause and little clinical or laboratory evidence of disease. Mass psychogenic illness typically affects adolescents or children, groups under stress and females disproportionately more than males. Symptoms often follow an environmental trigger or illness in an index case. They can spread rapidly by apparent visual transmission, may be aggravated by a prominent emergency or media response, and frequently resolve after patients are separated from each other and removed from the environment in which the outbreak began. Physicians should consider this diagnosis when faced with a cluster of unexplained acute illness.”

Fascinatingly, such mass hysteria can spread rapidly to those who are distant from any original ‘event’; in such cases, the response is known as ‘mass hysteria by proxy‘. One outbreak of ‘mass hysteria by proxy’, for example, has been documented, in which anxiety transmitted among parents led to reports of serious symptoms in students.

‘Global warming’ hysteria appears to be a classic example of ‘mass psychogenic illness’, which is triggered and fed by the regular world meetings mentioned above, but which is then transmitted globally through a 24-hour media and Green pressure groups as ‘mass hysteria by proxy’.

This is hardly surprising, as taking the temperature of the Earth every second of every day, and then reporting it uncritically and apocalyptically via 24-hour-rolling news, constitutes a perfect trigger for folk with a predisposition to hypochondria, or, in this case, to ecochondria. Manic-depression, or bipolar-disorder, then begins to exhibit itself, both in the individual and in the media.

The truth is, therefore, a serious one: ‘global warming’ hype is bad for your health. Yes, Green hype can be clinically damaging.

And, by the way, the Bali Meeting is COP 13 – hope you aren’t superstitious!”

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