3600 år av temperaturdata från Sverige

Hittade följande intressanta graf över 3600  år av temperaturdata från centrala Sverige. Studera den noga.

Global Warming anyone?


Linderholm, H.W. and Gunnarson, B.E. 2005. Summer temperature variability in central Scandinavia during the last 3600 years. Geografiska Annaler 87A: 231-241.


Summer temperatures were inferred from a tree-ring width chronology derived from living and subfossil Scots pines (Pinus sylvestris L.) sampled close to the present tree-line in the central Scandinavian Mountains (63°10’N, 12°25′-13°35’E) spanning the time period from 2893 BC to AD 2002. Between AD 900 and 1000, summer temperature anomalies were as much as 1.5°C warmer than the 1961-1990 base period.


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3 svar to “3600 år av temperaturdata från Sverige”

  1. Mr. Xyz Says:

    MSM will try to keep this quiet just like last week’s global warming scandal.

    If you aren’t familliar with the 10:10 dust up, see these videos.

    While watching the first one, ask yourself if it’s sincere or if it’s a spoof.

    Keep watching until you’re sure, and then watch more.

  2. sophiaalbertina Says:

    Mr. Xyz,

    Yes I saw this very revealing video as soon as it was published. It says it all about their mindset.
    As I have been saying all along – The Global Warming Hysteria has NOTHING to do with saving the earth or the environment. It has always been a political agenda. An anti- human, anti-development and anti-freedom agenda. They also hate the capitalistic system for obvious reasons

    See for example my posts:

    Global Warming Hysterics – Get out of Africa Now! Or The curse of environmentalism

    They are the worst sort of people to put in charge of anything – ignorant, arrogant, self-righteous, often hypocritical.,

    THE ENVIRONMENTALIST CREED – Anti human, anti scientific, anti technology!,

    The REAL inconvenient truth: Zealotry over global warming could damage our Earth far more than climate change,

    Women will be returned to the Dark Ages if the eco-fundamentalists end up having their way,

  3. GLOBAL TEMPERATURE TRENDS FROM 2500 B.C. TO 2008 A.D. « UD/RK Samhälls Debatt Says:

    […] 2000 år av temperaturdata från Antarktis,  2000 år av temperaturdata från Österrike,  3600 år av temperaturdata från Sverige,  2000 år av […]


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