2000 år av temperaturdata från Österrike

Hittade följande intressanta graf över 2000  år av temperaturdata från centrala Österrike. Studera den noga.

Global Warming anyone?

Mangini, A., Spotl, C. and Verdes, P. 2005. Reconstruction of temperature in the Central Alps during the past 2000 yr from a δ18O stalagmite record. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 235: 741-751.

Mangini et al. (2005) developed a highly-resolved 2000-year record of temperature with better than decadal resolution from a stalagmite recovered from Spannagel Cave in the Central Alps of Austria (47.09°N, 11.67°E). The highest temperatures of the past two millennia occurred during the Medieval Warm Period (AD 800-1300) and were ”slightly higher than those of the top section of the stalagmite (1950) and higher than the present-day temperature.” In fact, at three different points during the MWP, their data indicate temperature spikes in excess of 1°C above present (1995-1998) temperatures of 1.8°C.


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