Mera upproriska och omoraliska vetenskapsmän

Några Argentinska vetenskapsmän, inklusive Rosa Compagnucci som författat några av IPCC: s rapporter och en ledande expert på El Nino, protesterar nu mot Global Warming Hysterin.

Som sagt upproret mot åsiktstyranniet och inkvisitionen från Global Warming Hysterikerna växer.

”Former IPCC member from Argentina doubts man-made climate change

A group of prominent Argentine scientists disputes the theory that human activity is the cause of global warming and demand a ”more serious debate”. Eduardo Tonni, head of the Paleontology Department at the University of La Plata, notes that, while it’s not politically correct to dispute this theory, the evidence for global warming being a ”natural” occurrence is far more compelling. He warns that scientists that oppose man-made global warming are lacking funding. As reported by Perfil magazine, scientist Rosa Compagnucci (photo below), a researcher with the National Science and Technology Commission (Conicet), and former member of the IPCC stated at a recent conference at the Military Geography Institute that global warming is actually a phenomenon that has occurred quite frequently over the past 2,000 years. And, she noted, rather than being caused by carbon dioxide emissions produced by human activity, which many scientists accept as ”irrefutable truth,” it is much more likely related to ”capricious” solar activity which, over a period of decades and centuries, has not been at all homogenous.

An author of two of the IPCC’s 2001 reports, and an expert on the El Nino phenomenon, Campagnucci points to the period of global warming that occurred during the medieval period, between 800 and 1300. With all the emphasis today on preparing for global warming, she warns, this could leave man unprepared to deal with the possibility of a new ice age. She notes that South America’s Southern Cone just went through a brutal, record-breaking winter, which could be repeated in North America. As for natural disasters such as tsunamis or hurricane Katrina, Eduardo Tonni warns that there is little evidence that they are more frequent today than in the past. ”The alarmism we see today,” he argues, ”is justified by the fact that it generates funds . . . Unfortunately, this is just another product of the market.”

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