Mycket kallt i Norra Indien – Global Warmings fel naturligtvis

Det är just nu mycket kallt i norra Indien med temperaturer på 3 till 17 grader under det normala. Det är säker Global Warmings fel DET OCKSÅ eftersom allt elände och ondska i världen tycks bero på Global Warming enligt dess förespråkare! (Se mitt inlägg: Orsaken till ALLT elände i världen!).

Så fort temperaturen temporärt är någon del av en grad varmare än normalt så börjar Global Warming Hysterikerna hoppa och skrika ”vad var det vi sa, det är bevis för Global Warming och att jorden kommer att vara helt förstörd om hundra år”.

Nå, i det här fallet så är temperaturen upp till 17 grader UNDER det normala. Så med samma logik som hysterikerna på Global Warming sidan använder så kan vi med anledning av detta fall konstatera att ISTIDEN ÄR REDAN HÄR!

Global Warming anyone? Eller snarare Global Coling!

Nyheterna finns här:

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Cold wave intensifies in N India, mercury dips further

New Delhi, Jan 22: Cold wave intensified its icy grip on North India today with the mercury dropping below zero degree in parts of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Kashmir and Punjab as three more deaths took the nationwide toll in the season to 137.

In North Kashmir, Army troops rescued eight members of a family from a snow avalanche in Machil sector, where three soldiers were buried last week after the area experienced more than 10 feet of snowfall.

Pilani and Ganganagar of Rajasthan saw the minimum temperature dropping below freezing point while Churu and Mount Abu reported zero degree.

The mercury nosedived at Saharanpur district of UP where at least three people died due to cold wave in the last 24 hours.

Other places in UP also recorded considerable dip in mercury due to the icy winds in the last couple of days.

Clouds enveloped the state capital of Lucknow, which has been experiencing nipping cold over the past week.

The cold wave sweeping Delhi over the last few days intensified with the mercury dropping to 2.6 degrees, five degrees below normal.

With the cold Northwesterly winds continuing to blow through the air in the capital, the minimum temperature, continuing its downwards movement since Sunday, fell to 2.6 degrees C.

People groaned under piercing cold wave in Punjab as the night temperatures further dipped, hovering five degrees to six degrees below normal. Adampur recorded minus five degrees.

Jalandhar, recorded the coldest night in the last three decades.

A severe cold wave also lashed Haryana where the minimum hovered three degrees to seven degrees below normal, plummeting to minus 0.3 degrees at Karnal, 0.5 degrees at Narnaul, 1.2 degrees at Ambala and 3.3 degrees at Hissar.

Cold wave also hit Himachal Pradesh with tribal districts of Lahaul spiti and Kinnaur and Pangi valley and Bharmour area in Chamba district experiencing harsh conditions.

Una in lower hills recorded minus 3.0 degrees, Sundernagar in Mandi district 0.3 degrees and Bhuntar in Kullu district reported 2.3 degrees.

A biting cold wave also swept Shimla and its adjoining areas with the night temperature staying minus 0.6 degrees celsius in the capital town.

Chandigarh and its adjoining areas in Punjab and Haryana were also under the impact of cold weather conditions.

People in the Kashmir valley continued to shiver after maximum temperature also dipped to minus two degrees below normal while night remained cold with minus 5.4 degrees recorded this morning.

Drass, the second coldest place in the world after Siberia and nearby Kargil also reeled under severe cold with maximum and minimum dipping to 10 degree to 17 degree below normal.

Winter in Patna city and its vicinity continued to linger, with the minimum temperature being recorded at 6.8 degrees against yesterday`s 10.6 degrees.


Severe cold wave grips Northern India

New Delhi, Jan 22 : A severe cold wave swept across the entire northern India as temperatures plummeted across the region


It was bitterly cold in Delhi as the minimum temperature in the capital city reached 2.6 degrees Celsius, five degrees below normal. The weather office had more bad news – the mercury might sink to below one degree Celsius in the coming days.

”Temperatures will drop further, and we will not be surprised if it goes below one degree Celsius,” said an India Meteorological Department (IMD) official.

Snowfall and rain in the Himalayan region, especially in Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh, are responsible for the chill in the capital. ”The breeze blowing from northwest India is helping the weather conditions here as well,” the official said.

He said the cold wave conditions that began Monday would continue at least till the weekend. Last year, Delhi recorded a minimum of six degrees Celsius on Jan 22.

Adampur town near Jalandhar recorded a low of minus 5.0 degrees Celsius, making it the coldest place in Punjab and in the region.

The following are the maximum and minimum temperatures and rainfall in major cities for the 24 hours till Tuesday morning, with figures in brackets denoting deviations from the average.

City Maximum Temperature Minimum Temperature Rainfall
(C) (C) (mm)

Delhi 17.1 (-4) 2.6 (-5) Nil

Mumbai 28.2 (+3) 13.5 (+3) Nil

Chennai 30.3 (+1) 22.9 (+2) Nil

Kolkata 26.1 (-1) 15.1 (+1) Nil

Ahmedabad 23.9 (-5) 10.0 (-2) Nil

Bangalore 30.5 (+2) 17.5 (+1) Nil

Bhopal 20.5 (-5) 7.2 (-4) Nil

Bhubaneswar 31.4 (+2) 19.1 (+3) Nil

Chandigarh 17.4 (0) 1.6 (-6) Nil

Dehradun 18.3 (-1) 2.3 (-4) Nil

Panaji 30.5 (0) 18.7 (0) Nil

Guwahati 25.8 (+2) 10.1 (0) Nil

Hyderabad 32.1 (+3) 19.2 (+4) Nil

Jaipur 19.6 (-3) 6.4 (-2) Nil

Lucknow 20.4 (-3) 4.4 (-3) Nil

Nagpur 27.7 (-1) 14.6 (+2) Nil

Patna 22.2 (-2) 6.8 (-3) Nil

Pune 31.9 (+2) 11.1 (0) Nil

Srinagar 4.4 (-1) -5.4 (-3) Nil

Thiruvananthapuram 33.4 (+2) 23.3 (+1) Nil




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