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Ytterligare en omoralisk professor sågar Global Warming!

5 februari, 2008

En intressant intervju med den portugisiske professorn  Delgado Domingos, en ledande portugisisk miljö och klimat vetenskapsman,  i Sabado Noticias [Saturday News] magazine, en bilaga till Jornal de Noticias. (Se även mina inlägg Mera upproriska och omoraliska vetenskapsmän, Upproret växer – Nya omoraliska vetenskapsmän!, En rysk omoralisk vetenskapsman säger att det snart blir kallare!, Över 400 omoraliska vetenskapsmän!, Omoraliskt att tänka självständigt! m.fl.)

I den senare delen av intervjun så kommer man in på klimat och Global Warming.

Några citat:

”There are measurable climate changes but there is also an enormous manipulation in reducing everything to CO2 and equivalents. The main gas producing the green house effect is water vapour. The present alarm on climate change is an instrument of social control, a pretext for major businesses and political battle. It became an ideology, which is concerning.”

”There are three realities: one scientific – that shows the observed data – another of virtual reality – based on computer models – and another public. Between the three there are big contradictions.”

”The last scientific report from the IPCC refers, for instance, that in Antarctica the temperature rise preceded the rise in carbon dioxide emissions, but that is omitted in the report for policy makers. Recently it was found that 1998 was being erroneously considered as the warmest year on record in the U.S.A.; in fact the warmest year was 1934. And now it is known, after a great scandal, that in the XV century there was an abrupt rise in temperature identical to the observed presently [T.N.: this is probably referring to the Mediaeval Warm Period and not to the XV century, which was a period of cooling preceding the Little Ice Age; this is likely a typing error].”

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