EU:s CO2 policy – The hot air of hypocrisy!

Som, ett komplement till mitt tidigare inlägg om EU: s hyckleri (Self-Interest: Inconvenient Truth of Climate Change!), kommer här en ledare i The Economist på samma tema.

I mitt tidigare inlägg skrev jag bl.a. följande:

”Det är enkelt att lova Guld och Gröna Skogar NÄR NÅGON ANNAN FÅR BETALA. Och att göra ”stolta” deklarationer på toppmöten. Nu har det  ekonomiska realiteterna gjort sig påminda och Merkel slåss nu för den tunga tyska industrins fortlevnad.


”Mrs Merkel was completely different from last year when she chaired the summit,” said a participant and senior European government figure. ”This time she was the chancellor of German industry.”


Nu gäller inte längre vad man officiellt kom överens om för bara ett halvår sedan. Nu är det undantag för den egna industrin som gäller och inget annat. För det är GIGANTISKA SUMMOR som kommer att förslösas på dessa nonsensåtgärder

(Se även mina inlägg: De ekonomiska realiteterna av Global Warming Hysterin, Realpolitik i klimat dimmorna, Blame the greens when the lights go off!,  Snabb helomvändning i Australien!)

Man blir så tröööttt på detta hyckleri. Och det här är ju inget nytt. Det här händer varenda gång som det har varit toppmöten och stolta deklarationer har antagits under stort jubel och fanfarer.


Och massmedia spelar med i denna fars genom att blåsa upp förväntningarna inför toppmötena, skildra dramatiken under förhandlingsspelet (Se mitt inlägg:  Miljökonferensen på Balis verkliga inre liv) och till slut ”triumfiatoriskt” tillkännage efter mycket rävspel och hårda förhandlingar, det FANTASTISKA RESULTATET!


När ALLA VET att detta bara är ett spel för gallerierna och att det är hårda nationella och ekonomiska intressen som styr. Och ingenting annat!


Man undrar bara när svenska politiker skall ta av sig nattmössan och sluta prata om att Sverige skall vara ”ett föregångsland” och ”att vi skall ligga i täten” när det gäller åtgärder mot Global Warming (dvs. minska CO2).


Naturligtvis ivrigt påhejade av de andra EU medlemmarna EFTERSOM EU:S KLIMATMÅL (dvs. sänkningen av CO2) gäller för EU SOM HELHET och INTE enskilda länder.


Vilket innebär att om någon vill ”gå före” och ”ta täten” så slipper resten av EU:s medlemsländer billigare undan. Så naturligtvis så stödjer de helhjärtat dessa svenska åtaganden för det blir ju inte de som får betala det höga priset. Det får nämligen det svenska folket göra! Tack för det!”

Se även mina inlägg om kostnaderna för vanligt folk av denna Global Warming Hysteri: The Price Tag – Kostnaderna för Global Warming för VANLIGT FOLK!, The Price Tag – Kostnaderna för Global Warming för VANLIGT FOLK -2! 

Ledaren i Economist finns här:

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The hot air of hypocrisy

Mar 19th 2008
From The Economist print edition
The European Union summit reveals plenty of hypocrisy over climate-change targets

DEMAND agreement on a divorce settlement before you marry, and the world may believe many things of you: that you are prudent, or cynical, or just a bit mean. What it will not believe is that you are a swooning romantic, moved only by the high ideals of love. You can boast you are an idealist, in other words, or you can make a pre-nuptial agreement: you cannot plausibly do both.

Just such a test faced European Union leaders at their recent summit, when they reviewed their year-old plan to lead the world in the fight against climate change. A year ago they were brimming with selfless idealism. They agreed to make deep cuts in carbon emissions (by a fifth from 1990 levels by 2020), even if other rich countries did not follow. The signal was clear: Europe will start saving the planet now, even if the selfish Americans (not to mention the Chinese and Indians) are not ready. Bigger cuts were promised if other countries joined in, prompting much self-congratulatory talk about the EU’s ”leading role”.

That was then. A year on, with the world economy looking wobblier, the March summit was a less uplifting affair. Leaders from countries with powerful heavy-industry lobbies called for explicit measures to ”protect” European firms in case talks on a global climate-change deal failed (and left the Europeans pushing ahead with tough curbs on their own). In a move that would make an American divorce lawyer proud, Germany, France, Austria, Italy and the Czech Republic all asked the EU to plan for failure, insisting that defensive measures must be agreed before climate-change talks in Copenhagen at the end of 2009.

Demanding ”certainty” today for businesses that have to make long-term investment decisions, the heads of governments also asked for a list of energy-intensive industries ”particularly exposed to international competition”. Industries making steel, aluminium, paper, chemicals and bricks were all cited, as were others such as cement that are barely touched by imports (being cheap and heavy, cement is usually produced round the corner from where it is used).

EU leaders then asked for a range of protective policies to be spelled out. Germany backed a carve-out for the most energy-guzzling factories, giving them continued access to free carbon credits from the EU’s emissions trading scheme (ETS) after 2012, by which time other polluters will mostly be buying emissions allowances at auction.

The worst idea came from France‘s president, Nicolas Sarkozy, who renewed calls for a carbon tax on imports from countries that ”don’t play the game” on climate change. The European Commission should find a way to ”penalise” companies from such countries, he added-blithely ignoring the existence of firms that come from more than one country, source components from a dozen more and manufacture on every continent. Otherwise, he said, Europe would ”get all the downsides [of fighting climate change], and none of the benefits”. Other than the benefit of saving the planet, one might retort: the project in which Europe claims a ”leading” role.

Others were more subtle than Mr Sarkozy, but even more hypocritical, dressing up calls for handouts as concern for the world. Endless bigwigs said heavy industry would move to countries with ”lower standards” unless helped to stay (by letting factories observe, er, lower standards). This argument even has its own jargon: ”carbon leakage”, an ugly term gaining currency in Euro-circles, to convey the threat that carbon-spewing firms might move to places with weaker environmental laws.

Advocates of special favours for EU industry insist that factory owners will still have an incentive to install clean technology, because ”free” ETS allowances will not really be free. They may be accompanied by benchmarks-eg, setting maximum carbon emissions for every tonne of steel produced-with free allowances given only to firms that meet the standard (and then only within a sector-wide cap). Another suggestion is to make importers enter the ETS and buy European emissions allowances to cover their products (though squaring this idea with fixed Europe-wide caps on allowances sounds a nightmare).

Yet listen to European industrialists, and they are saying something simpler: they may leave if carbon curbs make it more competitive to produce elsewhere. One can play with the details, but if carbon curbs bite at all, such a threat must remain. If they do not bite, it is hard to see how European production will become magically greener. (There is also the small detail, raised by countries such as Sweden, that investment may actually be more effective outside the EU: building a clean new plant in China to replace a Mao-era horror might reduce global emissions more than tweaking technology at a European factory, say).

Green fudge and pre-nups

As usual the summit ended in a fudge, after the dangers of pre-empting a global deal were pointed out forcefully by leaders from Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Britain and the European Commission. The commission will ”analyse” and ”address” carbon leakage in a directive on the next generation of the ETS, coming out in early 2009. But details remain vague.

Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, insisted that the summit was ”not calling into question” last year’s headline targets. One might wonder. As one senior official notes, if Europe lets favoured industries fight Chinese or Indian rivals with a ”race to the bottom” on emissions, that means other bits of the economy must slash emissions even more, if Europe means what it says on overall caps. There was much talk in Brussels of ensuring a ”level playing-field” for EU industries. But here is the rub: if you do the right thing, you will not be on a level playing-field with those doing the wrong thing. Like marriage, fighting climate change involves a leap of faith. Does Europe accept that? Like a blushing bride suddenly demanding a pre-nup, it is sending out rather mixed signals right now.


Copyright © 2008 The Economist Newspaper and The Economist Group. All rights reserved.

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    För mig är det helt obegripligt att Sverige ska ta täten. Vi ligger redan i täten och har gjort så hur länge som helst när det gäller miljöfrågor. Att EU ens pratar om miljömål utan att prata om sin jordbrukspolitik är nog det största hyckleriet. Bönderna i Europa vräker ut gödnings- och besprutningsmedel över sina åkrar.

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