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A Carbon fantasy that will bankrupt us!

27 mars, 2008

”Parliament should kick out the Climate Change Bill. Our carbon emission targets are absurd”

”Implementing the Bill would also, in practice, mean the closure of parts of British industry, only to see them reopen in China and elsewhere. The UK contributes only 2 per cent of global emissions. Unilateral action by the UK, as required by this Bill, would be politically irresponsible and economically disastrous.”

”Anybody who reads the science will quickly realise that many key issues are fiercely contested. There is no consensus. But the controversies about the science are puny compared with those about the economics. On this we are being asked to rely on the Stern review, described by William Nordhaus, of Yale University, perhaps the world’s leading environmental economist, as ”completely absurd”.

”We do not yet know – on the evidence, nobody can – whether virtually decarbonising our economy would be the best course. We’d better find out before rushing to legislate.”

Som ett komplement till mitt tidigare inlägg (We were forced to swallow disadvantageous conditions for diplomatic reasons!) kommer här en artikel i dagens Times där Andrew Guy Tyrie, konservativ ledamot i parlamentet och tidigare  rådgivare åt det brittiska finansdepartementet. Ifrågasätter de brittiska klimatmålen.

Som sagt, fler och fler börjar INSE de GIGANTISKA KOSTNADERNA för att genomföra dessa nonsensåtgärder. När skall de svenska politikerna vakna och ta av sig nattmössa – När sista lampan har släckts och all industri är borta?

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