Open letter to IPCC to renounce its current policy!

Här kommer öppet brev till IPCC där 4 forskare ber IPCC att ge upp sin tro på Global Warming och acceptera de nya vetenskapliga bevisen som visar på motsatsen.

Brevet finns här:

14 April 2008

Dear Dr. Pachauri and others associated with IPCC

We are writing to you and others associated with the IPCC position – that man’s CO2 is a driver of global warming and climate change – to ask that you now in view of the evidence retract support from the current IPCC position [as in footnote 1] and admit that there is no observational evidence in measured data going back 22,000 years or even millions of years that CO2 levels (whether from man or nature) have driven or are driving world temperatures or climate change.

If you believe there is evidence of the CO2 driver theory in the available data please present a graph of it.

We draw your attention to three observational refutations of the IPCC position (and note there are more). Icecore data from the ACIA (Arctic Climate Impact Assessment) shows that temperatures have fallen since around 4,000 years ago (the Bronze Age Climate Optimum) while CO2 levels have risen, yet this graphical data was not included in the IPCC Summary for Policymakers (Fig. SPM1 Feb07) which graphed the CO2 rise.

More recent data shows that in the opposite sense to IPCC predictions world temperatures have not risen and indeed have fallen over the past 10 years while CO2 levels have risen dramatically.

The up-dated temperature measurements have been released by the NASA’s Microwave Sounding Unit (MSU) [1] as well as by the UK’s Hadley Climate Research Unit (Temperature v. 3, variance adjusted – Hadley CRUT3v) [2]. In parallel, readings of atmospheric concentrations of CO2 have been released by the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii [3]. They have been combined in graphical form by Joe D’Aleo [4], and are shown below.

These latest temperature readings represent averages of records obtained from standardized meteorological stations from around the planet, located in both urban as well as rural settings. They are augmented by satellite data, now generally accepted as ultimately authoritative, since they have a global footprint and are not easily vulnerable to manipulation nor observer error. What is also clear from the graphs is that average global temperatures have been in stasis for almost a decade and may now even be falling.

A third important observation is that contrary to the CO2 driver theory, temperatures in the upper troposphere (where most jets fly) have fallen over the past two decades. [Footnote 2]

IPCC policy is already leading to economic and unintended environmental damage. Specifically the policy of burning food – maize as biofuel – has contributed to sharp rises in food prices which are causing great hardship in many countries and is also now leading to increased deforestation in Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia,Togo, Cambodia, Nigeria, Burundi, Sri Lanka, Benin and Uganda for cultivation of crops [5].

Given the economic devastation that is already happening and which is now widely recognised will continue to flow from this policy, what possible justification can there be for its retention?

We ask you and all those whose names are associated with IPCC policy to accept the scientific observations and renounce current IPCC policy.

Yours sincerely,

Hans Schreuder, Analytical Chemist, UK

Piers Corbyn, Astrophysicist, UK

Dr Don Parkes, Prof. Em. Human Ecology, Australia

Svend Hendriksen, Nobel Peace Prize 1988 (shared), Greenland


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4 svar to “Open letter to IPCC to renounce its current policy!”

  1. Observer Says:

    It’s now clear that a change in the speculations about Global warming must be done and that IPPC and Al Gore must take their responsibility and tell the world that there were originally no evil intension in their prophesy but that scientific facts now show that they were wrong. Something many skeptical scientist proved all along.

    The worlds leading media must now inform people accordingly. The media is responsible for having mislead people even if it ten years ago was with the best intension.

    The above open letter is the final prof that the hysterical Global warming lobby is completely out of touch with reality. President Bush and some other leaders were right not signing the Kyoto Protocol. They should be honored for that! NOW.

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  4. Tanisha Says:

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