Carbon plan ‘to cost business $22bn’

Som ett komplement till mitt tidigare inlägg ”Emissions Trading – a Weapon of Mass Taxation” kommer här kompletterande uppgifter om de gigantiska kostnader det skulle med för den australiensiska industrin att införa en handel med utsläppsrätter. Kostnaderna beräknas till mellan 14 – 22 Miljarder $ PER ÅR. Vilket motsvarar över 40 % av de australiensiska företagens ” company tax revenue”.

Se även mina andra inlägg bl.a. Giant Global Warming Tax Hikes Headed Your WayEurope finds that cutting carbon emissions is far easier said than done.  An Organization Diagram from Hell – Welcome to carbon trading!Geschäftet och fusket med handeln av utsläppsrätter!

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Carbon plan ‘to cost business $22bn’

 David Uren, Economics correspondent | April 23, 2008

THE Rudd Government’s planned carbon trading system will cost business between $14billion and $22billion a year and will have to be considered in a review of the taxation system.

Taxation Institute director Michael Dirkis yesterday said that the money generated by the emissions trading system would be equivalent to more than 40 per cent of company tax revenue.

”You cannot design a system that impacts on business and brings in that level of government revenue without dealing with tax,” he said.

Dr Dirkis said the European price for carbon was equivalent to $37.70 a tonne. Based on the Government’s assessment of Australia’s progress towards meeting its Kyoto targets, that would cost the electricity industry $11.5billion, while transport costs would rise by a further $3.3billion. The agriculture sector’s carbon gas emissions would carry a price of $3.5billion while the emissions from industrial processing and waste would cost a further $3.7billion, based on European prices.

Dr Dirkis said that although some had suggested that Australia’s carbon price might be set below European levels, this would be hard to achieve in practice, because companies were already operating on the basis that carbon emissions were a global commodity. ”You already have Japanese industry coming in and picking up forestry interests in Australia through managed investment schemes so they can use them as carbon sinks.”

Dr Dirkis said the $22billion figure was an upper limit, because Ross Garnaut, who is examining the issue on behalf of the Rudd Government, was proposing that smaller businesses emitting less than 25,000 tonnes a year would not need a permit.

Any comparison of Australia’s current 30 per cent company tax rate with international practice would have to take account of the additional impost from carbon emissions, he said.

A spokeswoman for the Garnaut review said it would not be considering the interaction with the tax system, and was considering macro-economic impacts at only a ”high level”.

Although it has been reported that the Garnaut review would recommend cuts in company tax, this has not been suggested in its discussion papers to date, which suggest only compensation for low-income earners. It has generally opposed compensating business for the additional cost.

Dr Dirkis said the proposed carbon scheme raised more technical tax issues for business, ranging from how obsolete power plant should be treated, whether buying emissions permits would be tax deductible, and whether the permits themselves would carry GST. If the emissions permits include GST, the cost to business would be 10 per cent higher.

Australian School of Taxation director Neil Warren said carbon tax issues should be resolved separately from the tax review. He said the Government must first consider the cost to the economy of ”going-it-alone” with an emissions trading system.

”If we act unilaterally on carbon tax, we will make ourselves uncompetitive,” he said.

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  1. Svindel Says:

    Vilka siffror gäller för Sverige? Vem kan ta fram dem?

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