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China ALONE was behind a 54 % INCREASE in CO2 emissions 2001-2006!

3 maj, 2008

Här kommer en mycket intressant artikel i Geophysical Research Letters, 35, L08806, doi:10.1029/2007GL032887. som heter ”China: Emissions pattern of the world leader in CO2 emissions from fossil fuel consumption and cement production,”. Och är skriven av Gregg, J. S., R. J. Andres, and G. Marland från ”the University of Maryland, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Austria’s International Institute for Applied Systems.” Analysis

Varför i hela friden är nu detta papper så intressant? JO, förutom att konstatera att Kina numera är nummer ett på CO2 utsläpp Kina ENSAMT svarade för 54 % av ÖKNINGEN av CO2 utsläppen under 2001-2006!

Som jämförelse så har utsläppen i USA stått stilla och till och med sjunkit under denna tidsperiod. Se mitt inlägg: Ett obekvämt faktum!

Och som sagt Kina har INTE skrivit under Kyoto protokollet och har INGA som helst planer på att göra detta (tillsammans med Indien och en mängd andra länder).

Vad som mera är intressant är deras konstaterande: ”Fossil fuel combustion and cement manufacture are the principal anthropogenic sources of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2), and hence the principal concern in efforts to address anthropogenic climate change.”

Några citat:

Fossil fuel combustion and cement manufacture are the principal anthropogenic sources of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2), and hence the principal concern in efforts to address anthropogenic climate change.” Furthermore, they state ”The Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC) database shows global emissions from fossil fuels and cement have grown from 6.2 Pg C in 1990, the base year for commitments under the Kyoto Protocol, to 7.2 Pg C in 2001 and 8.4 Pg C in 2006.”

”Be alert that we are looking at the buildup of carbon (C), and not the much larger number for the buildup of CO2. Recall from your recent chemistry class that the molecular weight of carbon is 12, while the molecular weight of CO2 is 44. The convention in the scientific community is to keep track of the carbon and report the results for carbon only. The global emissions of carbon is 2006 was 6.2 Pg; the global emission of CO2 in 2006 was therefore 22.7 Pg. We find a great deal of confusion on this topic as we examine websites on global warming.”

Rapid growth over the last five years has been dominated by economic growth in developing countries, with 54% of the global increase in CO2 emissions over the period 2001-2006 coming from China alone.”

They note ”CO2 emissions from China increased nearly 80% from 2000 to 2006. Emissions for 2003 and 2004 saw rates of increase of 17% and 18% respectively. This outpaced the phenomenal 10% annual growth in real gross domestic product.” They note that ”when considering estimates of monthly CO2 emissions, our best estimate is that China reached US levels of emissions for the first time in November 2005, with both countries emitting 132 TgC/month, and then eventually passed the US in September of 2006, emitting at a rate 142 TgC/month, subject again to the uncertainties in the underlying data on energy consumption, as discussed below. Therefore, our best estimate is that the crossing between the United States and China occurred late 2006.”

”Gregg et al. generated the monthly plot below (Figure 2) for the period 2001 through 2006, and it also shows the incredible increase in CO2 emissions from China.

However, almost lost in the focus on China is the fact that CO2 emissions from the United States have not increased over the 2001-2006 period. Who would ever believe that the CO2 emission of the United States has not increased one bit during the Bush-Cheney administration. This fact is certainly not going to be well received by the climate alarmists who seem anxious to blame the United States for anything related to global warming.”

Designated as a developing country, China was not given Annex I status, and thus is not required to meet emission reduction targets under the Kyoto Protocol. Whether we are observing increasing consumption in developing countries or the export of emissions from developed countries, global CO2 emissions are in a period of rapid growth that is nullifying the mitigation aspirations of international agreements. Although there is still concern about energy data from China, it is clear that CO2 emissions are growing very rapidly; over half of the global growth in emissions is occurring in China. Per capita emissions from China are now at global-average values and are reaching European-average values in some rapidly industrializing areas. This is propelling China into the position as the largest national source of CO2.”

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