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Climate Catastrophe for The state of Washington

31 maj, 2008

Här kommer den första artikeln i en serie som jag kommer att publicera inför senatens diskussion nu på måndag av the Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act – S. 2191. Som vill införa en handel med utsläppsrätter a la Kyoto i USA.

Som jag sagt tidigare:

Fler och fler börjar få upp ögonen för detta gigantiska skojeri och bondfångeri som kallas handel med utsläppsrätter.

Som sagt, fler och fler börjar INSE de GIGANTISKA KOSTNADERNA för att genomföra dessa nonsensåtgärder. Det är alltså detta sanslösa och mycket dyra system med handel på utsläppsrätter som främjar fusk i stor skala, och som är en öppen inbjudan till manipulation och förfalskning, som Global Warming Hysterikerna vill tvinga på världen.

Och politikerna fullkomligt älskar detta system då de kan motivera i stort sett vilken skatte-/avgiftshöjning som helst med detta system. Det är ett gigantiskt skojeri! Ett rent dröm scenario för alla skojare – både köparen och säljaren vinner på att fuska! Och politikerna får in massor med skatter och avgifter!

Undra på ATT SÅ MÅNGA ÄLSKAR detta århundradets största bondfångeri ALLA KATEGORIER! Och som icing on the cake: systemet göt inte ett smack för miljön heller!

Några citat:

”We have had antinuclear forces opposing nuclear energy, others opposing the hydro systems and the electricity it produces, and now opposing fossil fuel energy through restricting CO2 emissions. Collectively, these represent nearly 98% of the nation’s total suppliers of electricity. Try to imagine your home, business, and family if 98% of the electricity were shutdown. And no, ethanol won’t cure this staggering problem, nor will unreliable, intermittent, heavily subsidized windmills and solar facilities fill the energy gap. This bill is a recipe for catastrophe.”

”A recent test of 22 climate models also demonstrated the inability of the models to replicate actual temperatures observed at low latitudes. All of these models made estimates which were too high; all of them overstated the observed temperatures. This is the very definition of an upward temperature bias. State environmental policies made on the basis of such computer climate models are similarly flawed. Other upward biases have also been determined. Notably, there have been no downward biases found. These errors thus appear to be systematic, and not random. This is very telling.”

”The agenda behind this massive movement is part of the continued effort initiated by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) nearly 2 decades ago. The agenda includes doing harm to the West in general and to the United States in particular. There at the famous 1992 Rio Conference, Maurice Strong, a major leader of the United Nations declared: ”Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”

”It is amazing that our elected officials seem to be unaware of this agenda, instead supporting this horrific agenda through legislative actions. Another past Democratic governor of Washington State wrote extensively about this agenda, as she witnessed it unfold as a participant of the Rio Conference.

Dixy Lee Ray noted in her book, ”Environmental Overkill” that about 5% of the agenda discussed environmental issues while the remaining 95% of the effort discussed wealth transfer methods from the developed nations. As Vaclav Klaus, president of the Czech Republic, told us about in March 2008, at an international conference on global warming in New York City,”It’s not about the climate.” Washington State leaders would do well to read Ray’s book, or Klaus’s warnings.

This horrific agenda has been pushed, promoted, and embraced by many nations of the world. It has also been promoted and embraced by a large fraction of the main stream media, not to mention Hollywood. Thoughts of even more Western billions being transferred to Third World despots seem irresistible, especially when Western governors are promoting it, including the State of Washington.”

The temperature station at the Amundson-Scott base at the South Pole has shown a cooling trend since it started in 1957. Yet the CO2 levels rose more than 10% during that time. Is CO2 warming, cooling, or none of the above? A number of surface temperature stations in the State of Washington also have shown cooling for decades as well. Ritzville shows a decline since 1918 and the Spokane station shows a decline since 1880, or 128 years

Recently, as reported in Science Magazine, global temperatures have not risen for the past 10 years, while CO2 rose. All of the above examples of surface stations showing cooling trends, are contrary to and do not support the hypothesis of CO2 causing warming. It most certainly does not support the theory that man-made CO2 (a small fraction of the total atmospheric CO2) causes warming.The rules of logic tell us that one cause cannot produce two opposite effects.”

Even worse, the Washington State governor has put an administrative muzzle on the public by forbidding any discussion of the science. The prevailing paradigm is ”the science has spoken” or ”The science debate is over”. In fact there has been too little debate, and way too much onerous, one-sided assertions, dominated with the belief that computer models actually produce evidence. They don’t.

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“It’s a total mess” – The story of carbon capture and storage

31 maj, 2008

Här kommer en intressant artikel från gårdagens Ney York Times som belyser hur outvecklad, otestad och vilka problem som fortfarande finns bakom tekniken för ”carbon storage and capture”. Som är en av Global Warming Hysterikernas favoritåtgärder

Några citat:

”Coal is abundant and cheap, assuring that it will continue to be used. But the failure to start building, testing, tweaking and perfecting carbon capture and storage means that developing the technology may come too late to make coal compatible with limiting global warming.

”It’s a total mess,” said Daniel M. Kammen, director of the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley.”

”Yet, simple as the idea may sound, considerable research is still needed to be certain the technique would be safe, effective and affordable.

Scientists need to figure out which kinds of rock and soil formations are best at holding carbon dioxide. They need to be sure the gas will not bubble back to the surface. They need to find optimal designs for new power plants so as to cut costs. And some complex legal questions need to be resolved, such as who would be liable if such a project polluted the groundwater or caused other damage far from the power plant.”

”But in January, the government pulled out after projected costs nearly doubled, to $1.8 billion. The government feared the costs would go even higher. A bipartisan effort is afoot on Capitol Hill to save FutureGen, but the project is on life support.

The government had to change its approach, said Clarence Albright Jr., the undersecretary of the Energy Department, to ”limit taxpayer exposure to the escalating cost.”

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Advice on the matter of climate change is poisoned by fear among many scientists!

31 maj, 2008

Advice is poisoned by fear May 30, 2008

I HEAR on the scientific grapevine that CSIRO’s biggest problem when providing formal advice to the federal Government on the matter of climate change is to say nothing that can be interpreted as giving aid and comfort to the army of irresponsible sceptics out there who are doubtful about the dreadful consequences of global warming.

One can only feel sorry for the Government. Where can it go these days to get unbiased advice on the issue of global warming? Its official sources are poisoned by the fear among many scientists that they may be labelled by their colleagues and by their institutions as climate-change sceptics.

Basically, the problem is that the research community has gone so far along the path of frightening the life out of the man in the street that to recant publicly even part of the story would massively damage the reputation and political clout of science in general. And so, like corpuscles in the blood, researchers all over the world now rush in overwhelming numbers to repel infection by any idea that threatens the carefully cultivated belief in climatic disaster.

Garth Paltridge

Emeritus Professor and Honorary Research Fellow, Institute of Antarctic and Southern Ocean Studies, University of Tasmania

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