Global Warming Appetizer – Alaska’s crop growth is slow because of cold and windy weather

Här kommer lite nyheter i dag från Palmer, Alaska: Där odlingssäsongen ligger efter p.g.a. det kalla vädret.

Global Warming Anyone?

Nyheterna finns här:

”According to data, Mat-Su crop growth is unusually slow for this time of year.   

Planting season is plowing along at the VanderWeele Farm here. But unfortunately nothing seems to be growing.

”You plant right beside the stuff you planted a week ago and you say, what’s happening? Nothing. nothing happening,” farmer Ben VanderWeele said. ”I mean, it’s just pretty pathetic.”

VanderWeele, a long-time Valley rancher, says the first plants went in the ground May 6 but haven’t grown a lot since then.

”The ones in the field, they’re barely twice as big and they’ve been out there five weeks,” he said.

VanderWeele says the crops are struggling because the weather has been too cold and windy. And Palmer is much cooler than normal at this time of year, according to the National Weather Service.

The Alaska Agricultural Statistics Service says those cool temperatures are keeping plants from maturing.

”The less heat units or the less growing degree days there are, the slower the plants will grow, the slower they’ll mature, the slower you can get them to market,” said Suzan Benz with the statistical service.”

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