Global Warming Appetizer – Oregon – Merry Christmas! ”Everybody’s gardens are kind of frostbitten.”

Här kommer lite nyheter i dag från Oregon: Med rekord sent snöfall och mycket låga temperaturer.

Global Warming Anyone?

Nyheten finns här:


”A blanket of snow fell on Eastern Oregon this morning. It was a bit of a shock, considering summer is just days away.

LA GRANDE – Residents awoke to a summer snowstorm this morning in parts of eastern Oregon, with more than an inch on some lawns and flowers.

”Merry Christmas,” said a police dispatcher in La Grande. ”Everybody’s gardens are kind of frostbitten.”

”It’s almost whiteout conditions … Our snow plows are back in service again,” said Tom Strandberg , spokesman for the Oregon Department of Transportation in La Grande.

Chains were required on trucks along 14 miles of Interstate 84 through the Blue Mountains between Pendleton and La Grande, he said. The unincorporated town of Meacham got at least 5 inches of new snow, and 3 inches were measured in the Tollgate area along Oregon 204 between Elgin and Weston.

The situation in Eastern Oregon is just one part of a the whacky weather being caused by a late-spring, low-pressure weather system. It’s also brought unseasonable cold to the Portland area, snow to the Cascades in Washington and Oregon and messy highways throughout the region.

What the heck is going on? After all, the start of summer is just 11 days away.

Jonathan Wolfe, a forecaster with the National Weather Service in Portland says the La Nina pattern that gave us one of the snowiest winters in decades just won’t dry up and go away, despite protestations.”

Among Monday’s records: The temperature made it up to only 55 on Monday at Sea-Tac Airport, a record low-maximum. The record was 55, set just last year. ”

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Ett svar to “Global Warming Appetizer – Oregon – Merry Christmas! ”Everybody’s gardens are kind of frostbitten.””

  1. Evidence Says:

    Global warming as guessed by IPPC and Al Gore was a bluff, is a bluff and will be the biggest bluff the world has seen so far!

    The following question is enoug evidens

    “why can’t the current scientific models accurately predict next week’s weather?”


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