Global Warming Appetizer – Seattle experienced the coldest first week of June ever!

Här kommer lite nyheter från Seattle: Som har den kallaste juni någonsin plus massor med snö!

Global Warming Anyone?

Seattle just experienced the coldest first week of June, according to climate records dating to 1891, said Cliff Mass, University of Washington metrologist. Both 1999 and 2008 share the record, with 1917 falling in second place, he said. ”Just wait until tomorrow,” he said, when temperatures are going to be even colder.

A heavy snow warning has been issued for the Washington Cascades and Olympics as a storm from the Gulf of Alaska plows into the state tonight.”

”While it won’t snow in the Puget Sound area, records for the lowest high temperature may be broken today and Tuesday. Forecasters said the high temperature today should be 57 degrees, 1 degree below the record set last year. On Tuesday, under windy and rainy skies, the temperature should only get to 54 degrees, 2 degrees below the record set in 1972.

”It’s not completely unusual to get snow in June,” said forecaster Dennis D’Amico. ”But this is a lot of snow and it’s an unseasonable cold system.”

Validation came Tuesday from the University of Washington, where Cliff Mass, an atmospheric sciences professor, published his new ”barbecue index.”

Said Mass: ”People are really upset about this weather.”

He said in the mix of all the statistics, he’s put together the ”barbecue” index. That’s the number of times since March 11 (the usual start of spring here) temperature climbs to 60 degrees or more – a temperature that Mass thinks people are comfortable being outside in.

It turns out that this year was the worst year of the barbecue index since 1917,” said Mass. ”We only got to 60 degrees 23 times this year. Compare that to 1934 (74) times or 1992 (69) times.”

Mass said the coldest spring was 1917. This year is tied with 1908 for 2nd coldest, he said. The warmest spring was 1934.”

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