Carbon and Kyoto zombies attack our economy and is a campaign for austerity!

Här kommer en utmärkt artikel i från Toronto Sun av Lorrie Goldstein där han tar upp det ekonomiska vansinnet med Kyoto avtalet och handel med utsläppsrätter.

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Artikeln finns här:


Carbon zombies attack economy

By LORRIE GOLDSTEIN, June 12, 2008

Somewhere on the road to Kyoto, Canada turned into the land of the carbon zombies.

Like the walking undead, blood-sucking politicians of all stripes are howling at each other over discredited ways to reduce carbon emissions that other countries, having tried to implement, are running away from in terror.

In Europe, politicians who boasted they were leading the fight to save Gaia from global warming are now fleeing before enraged mobs of citizens, furious their governments’ plans to ”save the planet” have turned out to be nothing more than skyrocketing taxes and energy prices.

That, plus a ”cap-and-trade” carbon market which, while worshipped by speculators and a few academics, has led to usurious electricity bills and done nothing for the environment.

In the U.K., furious taxpayers want to hurl their government — an early supporter of the Kyoto accord — over a cliff. Almost three in four tell pollsters they’re unwilling to pay higher taxes to (supposedly) fight climate change. Two in three dismiss government schemes to do so as a ploy to raise taxes.

In the U.S., a bipartisan bill to establish a cap-and-trade system was debated for all of three days in the Senate last week before being punted, with neither Democrats nor Republicans in a presidential election year daring to promote pricing carbon while the cost of gas goes through the roof.

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Yet in Canada, zombie politicians lurch on in support of carbon taxes (Liberals/Greens) and cap-and-trade (NDP) schemes that will suck the life out of us. The Conservatives are only marginally better, paying lip service to climate hysteria while preaching that reducing carbon emissions is simply a matter of hitting major emitters with tougher regulations.

All these schemes amount to the same thing — ways to price carbon that will ultimately and unfairly impact on ordinary citizens.

Claims of ”revenue neutrality” for a carbon tax, or that cap-and-trade or tougher regulations are painless or even effective solutions to cutting carbon emissions are nonsense.

We don’t have a technology capable of dramatically lowering carbon emissions when burning fossil fuels. The only alternative is to burn less of them. The only way to do that is to make them so expensive, people have no choice but to use less.

That risks driving developed countries into recession (or deeper recessions than they already face) as consumers buy less, because the skyrocketing price of fossil fuels will hike the price of almost everything.

As George Monbiot writes in Heat: How to Stop the Planet From Burning, the campaign to fight global warming is a campaign for austerity.

It will stay that way unless and until renewable energy sources and carbon capture become practical and affordable.

Here’s the real question: Are we willing to play Russian roulette with each other’s livelihoods, while politicians pull the trigger and arbitrarily decide the winners and losers, in hopes of ”fixing” the climate, long after we’re all dead, based on a theory that may or may not work, assuming things are as bad as climate hysterics predict?

Contrary to the carbon zombies, there’s no painless way to do this.

As for Kyoto, which exempts 143 of 180 participating countries from lifting a finger to cut their carbon emissions for the next 4 1/2 years, the only thing it guarantees is more greenhouse gases.

There’s your real horror story.


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