3 Questions for Al Gore

Här kommer några intressanta frågor till Al Gore i dagens New York Times. I det ena fallet ställer författaren (John Tierney) frågan varför han måste ljuga i sina presentationer. Och varför han inte lever som han lär.

I den andra artikeln av Andy Revkin så gås hans tal i Washington om Global Warming och energi igenom.

Andy Revkin -Other glaciers have slowed and, overall – as I’ve written here recently – new studies show no fresh signs of imminent destabilization of the ice.]

Andy Revkin – Some of the impacts Mr. Gore describes, including rising risks of forest fires, are detailed in a new climate report from the Bush administration. But why mention tornadoes? There’s been no evidence of an increase in dangerous tornadoes since careful records have been kept (great graphic at this link). It’s really no different stressing ”strange” weather in a push for limiting greenhouse gases than doing so to fight the same policy shift. Remember all the yelling about global cooling because of cool global temperatures recently?]

Som jag sagt tidigare – Hyckleriet kring Al Gore verkar aldrig ta slut. Al Gore är ju mannen som lever gott på att åka jorden runt och predika ”gloom and doom”. Och om hur vi måste drastiskt lägga om vår livsstil och dra ner på energianvändningen etc. I hans film ställer han på slutet frågan ”Are you ready to change the way you live”?

Själv lever han som sagt inte som han lär, tvärtom. Se mina tidigare inlägg:  Al Gore’s Enormous Carbon Footprint!Al Gores energislösande hem och  Al Gores energislösande resande. Och även  Hycklaren Al Gore VÄGRAR att följa sina egna rådThe master hypocrite Al Gore doesn’t want to criticise his Hollywood buddies!

Se även: Why Does Al Gore Hate The Press?Why Does Al Gore Hate The Press -2?,    Myanmar’s deadly cyclone is global warming’s fault, Gore says. How the heck does he know?Al Gore’s global warming debunked – by kids!

Denne hycklare i kubik (om man räknar i hans energislösande ”hem”, hans modesta resvanor med privata jetplan och limousiner), fick alltså Nobels fredspris för SINA insatser. Som jag sagt tidigare i mina inlägg om Al Gore: Hur långt får hyckleriet gå innan någon reagerar och säger ifrån?

John Tierneys frågor finns här:


Andy Revkinn analys finns här:


July 17, 2008,  4:11 pm

3 Questions for Al Gore

By John Tierney

My colleague Andy Revkin is doing a great job of point-by-point analysis of Al Gore’s speech today calling for America to rely entirely on carbon-free electricity within 10 years. I’m glad to see Mr. Gore discussing carbon taxes (a topic he once avoided), but I’ve got a few questions about the rest of the speech:

1) Can anyone explain why Mr. Gore keeps hurting his own cause with junk science? Andy gives him a deserved smackdown for saying there ”seem to be more tornadoes than in living memory.” I can understand why Mr. Gore felt he needed this sort of hype in the past. But after ”Inconvenient Truth” and the Nobel, he knows he can count on attention. He knows the public is concerned about the problem. He also knows that his exaggerations have generated bad publicity (and a formal ruling by a British judge about his scientific errors). So why, even though there’s no good evidence that global warming has increased tornadoes, would he try to suggest they’re increasing – and this in a year in which there’s been global cooling?

2) Why is Mr. Gore still afraid of discussing nuclear power? He tries to sound Kennedyesque in setting his decade-long quest and inveighs against ”the defenders of the status quo.” But he’s still reluctant to use his stature among greens to get them to reconsider the largest carbon-free source of electricity in America today, nuclear power. Is this a profile in courage?

3) Why hasn’t his one-year plan for energy worked at his own home? A year ago, after the embarrassing revelation that his home in Tennessee used 20 times as much electricity as the average home, he renovated his home to make it more energy-efficient. But a year later, the Tennessee Center for Policy Research reports that his home electricity usage has increased by 10 percent – an additional 1,638 kilowatts per month – since the renovations, which included solar panels, a geothermal system and a variety of conservation measures.

Does this inspire confidence in his 10-year plan for the rest of America?

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