Carbon quacks and reality denying politicians!

Som ett komplement till mitt tidigare inlägg A factory that makes 30 TIMES MORE MONEY by selling ”carbon credits” to fight global warming than it makes by selling it’s products., kommer här en som vanligt intressant artikel av Lorrie Goldstein i dagens Toronto Sun.

Den handlar om systemet med handeln av utsläppsrätter som våra intälägänta politiker formligen älskar då de kan höja alla skatter, avgifter etc. med motiveringen att de ”bekämpar” Global Warming.

Hela detta system är total genomkorrumperat där som sagt BÅDA parter vinner på att fuska med uppgifterna! Ett rent dröm scenario för alla skojare – både köparen och säljaren vinner på att fuska!

Det är detta TOTALA BYRÅKRATISKA VANSINNE och MYCKET DYRA SYSTEM som Global Warming Hysterikerna vill TVINGA PÅ RESTEN AV VÄRLDEN! Hela handeln med utsläppsrätter är en öppen inbjudan till manipulation och förfalskning.

Artikeln finns här:

Carbon quacks

Canadian politicians in denial about real solutions to climate woes

By LORRIE GOLDSTEIN, July 24, 2008

Never let it be said of Canadian politicians that they are climate deniers.

They are reality deniers.

They deny reality by advocating ”solutions” to global warming that will not work, although they will make governments, energy corporations and stock market speculators richer than they already are, at our expense.

The big argument in Canada right now is whether climate change can best be addressed by a carbon tax (Stephane Dion and the Liberals) or a cap-and-trade carbon market (Jack Layton and the NDP) or some combination of both.

But don’t let Stephen Harper and the Conservatives off the hook. In a few short years they’ve gone from calling man-made global warming a socialist hoax, to piously lecturing that it’s the ”defining issue” of our generation.

Environment Minister John Baird was front-and-centre at the recent opening of the Montreal Climate Exchange, a fledging carbon market that’s one step away from cap-and-trade if the Harperites swallow the Kyoto Kool-Aid they’ve been swishing around in their mouths.

Think about it.

Our politicians ask us to believe humanity is facing Armageddon from man-made global warming. That is, imminent, world-wide, climate catastrophe that will scorch the Earth, kill and displace hundreds of millions of people, drown cities and cause massive starvation and disease.

And what’s their solution? It’s to impose another tax on us or create another stock market, which is all a ”cap and trade” system is.

Try not to laugh. Or cry.


It’s not just that carbon taxes and cap-and-trade don’t remove one molecule of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It’s that our politicians are ignoring evidence they’re ineffective, impractical, outdated and punitive.

Look at Europe’s Emissions Trading Scheme, the world’s largest cap-and-trade carbon market.

Among its other fiascoes (windfall profits for energy companies and speculators, skyrocketing electricity prices for consumers) emissions are going up.

As James Kanter noted in his article ”The Trouble with Markets for Carbon” in The New York Times last month, the European Environment Agency reported in June that annual emissions from the 12,000 large factories and plants that trade in ETS carbon credits rose 0.4% in 2006, 0.7% in 2007.

As for carbon taxes, as Doug Saunders of the Globe and Mail reported in his May article ”Fuel protests herald grim times for European green policy,” voters across Europe are in open revolt against years of so-called green and carbon taxes, while the politicians who imposed them are in retreat.

Yet in Canada, politicians such as Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty and Quebec‘s Jean Charest stumble on blindly, vaguely babbling ad nauseam about the alleged joys of cap-and-trade.

As for carbon taxes, the Woolly Mammoth in the room our politicians refuse to acknowledge is that the explosive rise in fossil fuel prices has made them irrelevant.

Finally, if our politicians really believed the world was facing catastrophic climate change, don’t you think they would have stopped calling each other names by now and formed a national coalition government to deal with this emergency?


Don’t you think that government would focus like a laser on the development of renewable and nuclear energy and carbon capture technology, which will reduce carbon emissions (and deadly air pollution, a separate issue), plus contribute to global stability by reducing the world’s reliance on Mideast oil, which happens to be located where most of the terrorists are?

Wouldn’t fiscally responsible politicians, instead of pretending a new tax or stock market will save us, finance this necessary research and development by redirecting to it the billions of dollars we’re wasting subsidizing mega-rich fossil fuel companies and disastrous ideas like bio-fuels?

They would … if they weren’t reality deniers.

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