List of Gazprom’s huge empire of subsidiaries – Part 2

Som en fortsättning på mitt tidigare inlägg ”List of Gazprom’s huge empire of subsidiaries – Part 1” kommer här den lista över alla dotterbolag som jätten Gazprom helt eller ”delvis” kontrollerar.  Samt en lista över EN DEL av dessa dotterbolag per land.


Armrosgazprom (58%)


ARosgas Holding AG (100%) – Gas marketing[2]

Centrex Europe Energy & Gas AG (100%) – owned through Gazprombank[3]

GHW (50%)- a joint venture with OMV for gas trading

Sibneft Oil Trade GmbH (100%) – an oil trading company owned through Gazprom Neft[2]

ZGG-Zarubezhgazneftechim Trading GmbH (100%) – a gas trading company[2]

ZMB Gasspeicher Holding GmbH (66.67%) – 33.3% owned by Centrex Europe Energy & Gas AG[4]


Belgazprombank (50%)

Beltransgaz (25%, will increase to 50% by 2009)


Topenergo (100%) – gas trading and transport

Overgas Inc. AD (50%) – a joint-venture with Overgas Holding AD for the gas trading

Cayman Islands

ZGG Cayman Holding Ltd. (100%) – investment company[2]

ZGG Cayman Ltd (100%) – investment company[2]


Ecofran Marketing Consulting & Communication Services Company Limited

GASEXCO Gas Exploration Company Ltd.

Greatham Overseas Limited

Private Company Limited by Shares GPBI (Cyprus) Ltd.

Leadville Investments Ltd (100%) – investment company

MF Media Finance (Overseas) Limited

Odex Exploration Ltd. (20%) – 0il exploration[2]

NTV World Ltd. – media company

Siritia Ventures Ltd. – investment company

Czech Republic

Gas-Invest S.A. (37.5%)

Vemex s.r.o. (33%)


Eesti Gaas AS (37.02%)


Gasum Oy (25%)


Frangaz (50%) – a joint venture with Gaz de France


Agrogaz GmbH (100%)

Centrex Beteiligungs GmbH (38%) – gas trading and investment company

Ditgaz (49%)

Verbundnetz Gas (5.3%) – gas transportation and marketing

Gazprom Germania GmbH (100%)

Wingas GmbH (50%) – a joint venture with Wintershall, the subsidiary of BASF, for a gas transportation and storage

Wintershall Erdgas Handelshaus GmbH & Co. KG (50%) – a joint venture with Wintershall for gas trading

ZMB GmbH (100%) – gas trading

ZMB Mobil (100%)- gas-fuelled automobile technology

НТВ Europa GmbH[2]


Bleakend Holdings Limited


Prometheus Gas (50%) – a joint company with Copelouzos Group


Panrusgas Rt (40%) – a joint venture with MOL for trading and transport[2]

Borsodchem (25%) – petrochemicals

TVK (13.5%)

DKG-EAST Co (38.1%) – oil and gas equipment manufacturing

Gazkomplekt KFT

NTV Hungary Commercial Limited Liability Company[2]


GPB Finance Plc. – investment company


N.T.V. Global Network (Israel) Ltd.


Volta SpA (49%) – a joint venture with Edison S.p.A.

Promgas (50%) – a joint venture with ENI

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KazRosGaz (50%) – a joint venture with KazMunayGas


Munai Myrza


Latvijas Gāze (34%)


IDF Anlagegesellschaft – investment company (holding via Siritia Ventures Ltd., Cyprus)[2]


Lietuvos Dujos (37.1%)

Kaunas CHP (100%)

Stella Vitae (30%)




Brochan B.V.

BSPS B.V. (50%) – operator of the Blue Stream pipeline

Gazinvest Finance B.V.

Gazprom Finance B.V.

Gazprom Netherlands B.V.

Gazprom Sakhalin Holdings B.V. – owns 50%+1 share in Sakhalin Energy, the operator of the Sakhalin-II oil and gas field

NTV Plus B.V.

NTV-НТВ Holding and Finance B.V

PeterGaz B.V.

Sib Finance B.V.

Slovak Gas Holding B.V. – owns 49% of shares in SPP, a Slovak gas company

West East Pipeline Project Investment (100%) – construction and investment company[2]


EuRoPol Gaz (48%) – operator of the Polish section of Yamal-Europe pipeline

Gas Trading (18.4%) – gas trading


WIEE Romania SRL (50%) – gas distribution

WIROM Gas S.A. (2&%) – gas trading, controlled through WIEH[2]


YugoRosGaz (75%) – gas trading and transport

Progress Gas (50%) – gas trading

Naftna Industrija Srbije (acquisition of 51% has agreed) – national oil company[5]


Slovenský plynárenský priemysel – 49% shares are owned by Slovak Gas Holding B.V., a consortium of Gazprom, Gaz de France and E.ON Ruhrgas.[6]

Slovrusgaz (50%) – gas trading and transport[2]


Tagdem (7.6%) – gas trading


Baltic LNG AG (80%) – a joint venture with Sovkomflot for the development and sale of LNG

Gas Project Development Central Asia AG (50%) – a joint venture with Centrex Gas & Energy Europe AG

Nord Stream AG (51%) – a joint project company with E.ON, BASF and Gasunie for the contraction and operation of the Nord Stream pipeline

RosUkrEnergo AG (50%) – gas trading in Ukraine

Shtokman Development AG (51%) – a joint project company with Total S.A. (25%) and StatoilHydro (24%) to develop Shtokman gas field first phase.[7]

Sibur-Europe (100%) – investment company

South Stream AG (50%) – a joint project company with Eni for the contraction and operation of the South Stream pipeline[8]

Wintershall Erdgas Handelshaus Zug AG (WIEE) (50%) – gas trading

ZMB (Schweiz) AG (100%) – gas trading[2]


Bosphorus Gaz Corporation AS (40%) – a joint venture with Tur Enerji (Enerko and Avrasya)[9]

Turusgaz (45%) – a joint venture with BOTAS



United Kingdom

Gazprom UK Ltd (100%)- investment company

Gazprom Marketing and Trading Limited (GM&T) (100%) – gas trading

HydroWingas (25%) – gas trading

Interconnector (UK) Limited (10%) – operator of the Interconnector pipeline

Sibur International (100%) – petrochemicals

WINGAS Storage UK Ltd. (33%) – underground gas storage reconstruction[2]

Virgin Island

Benton Solutions Inc.

Media Financial Limited

Nagelfar Trade & Invest Ltd.

NTV Media International Limited

Sib Oil Trade (100%) – oil trading[2]


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Subsidiaries with Gazprom 100% ownership
As of April 16, 2008

No. Company Core business activity
1. Burgaz Oil, gas and gas condensate geological exploration; oil and gas wells construction; drilling
2. Ecological and Analytical Center for the gas industry Radiation monitoring and associated physical & chemical and chemical analysis activities
3. Gazflot Sea-borne transportation, offshore field development
4. Gazkomplektimpex Procurement
5. Gaznadzor Ensuring (together with Gazprom subsidiaries) security and safety of the Unified Gas Supply System technological facilities
6. Gazobezopasnost Supervision over observance of security and safety instructions in the gas industry, well operation technology
7. Gazoenergeticheskaya Kompaniya Investment activities, company management by discharging the functions of the proprietor, managing company
8. Gaz-Oil Implementation and development of integrated measures in engineering and construction of gas pipelines, UGS facilities, gas distribution stations and NGV fuelling stations
9. Gazprom dobycha Astrakhan
(former Astrakhangazprom)
Hydrocarbon production and transmission
10. Gazprom dobycha Nadym
(former Nadymgazprom)
Hydrocarbon production
11. Gazprom dobycha Noyabrsk
(former Noyabrskgazdobycha)
Hydrocarbon production
12. Gazprom dobycha Orenburg
(former Orenburggazprom)
Hydrocarbon production and transmission
13. Gazprom dobycha Urengoy
(former Urengoygazprom)
Hydrocarbon production
14. Gazprom dobycha Yamburg
(former Yamburggazdobycha)
Hydrocarbon production
15. Gazprom export International trade
16. Gazprom Finance B.V. Company incorporation, financing, consulting services
17. Gazprom invest Vostok Financing via outsourced funds, acting as engineering customer
18. Gazprom invest Zapad Financing via outsourced funds, acting as engineering customer
19. Gazprom Netherlands B.V. Coordination and management of production assets located abroad on behalf of Gazprom Group
20. Gazprom Pererabotka Processing of gas, gas condensate and oil. Gas, gas condensate and derivatives supply to consumers
21. Gazprom Podzemremont-North Repair, retrofit, reconstruction, technical upgrade, abandonment, and conservation services relating to all types of wells, reservoir recovery enhancement
22. Gazprom Podzemremont-South Repair, upgrade, reconstruction, technical retrofit, abandonment and conservation services relating to all types of wells, reservoir recovery enhancement
23. Gazprom Sakhalin Holdings B.V. Foreign relations, other company incorporation or incorporation assistance, acquisition of shares (interests, equities) in other companies including their financing arrangement and business supervision
24. Gazprom sbyt Ukraine Natural gas trading
25. Gazprom transgaz Ekaterinburg
(former Uraltransgaz)
Gas transmission
26. Gazprom transgaz Kazan
(former Tattransgaz)
Gas transmission
27. Gazprom transgaz Kuban Transmission of natural gas and gas condensate through gas mains
28. Gazprom transgaz Makhachkala
(former Kaspiygazprom)
Hydrocarbon production and transmission
29. Gazprom transgaz Moscow
(former Mostransgaz)
Gas transmission
30. Gazprom transgaz Nizhny Novgorod
(former Volgotransgaz)
Gas transmission
31. Gazprom transgaz Saint-Petersburg
(former Lentransgaz)
Gas transmission
32. Gazprom transgaz Samara
(former Samaratransgaz)
Gas transmission
33. Gazprom transgaz Saratov
(former Yugtransgaz)
Gas transmission
34. Gazprom transgaz Stavropol
(former Kavkaztransgaz)
Gas transmission
35. Gazprom transgaz Surgut
(former Surgutgazprom)
Hydrocarbon production, processing and transmission
36. Gazprom transgaz Tchaikovsky
(former Permtransgaz)
Gas transmission
37. Gazprom transgaz Tomsk
(former Tomsktransgaz)
Gas transmission
38. Gazprom transgaz Ufa
(former Bashtransgaz)
Gas transmission
39. Gazprom transgaz Ukhta
(former Severgazprom)
Hydrocarbon production and transmission
40. Gazprom transgaz Volgograd
(former Volgogradtransgaz)
Gas transmission
41. Gazprom transgaz Yugorsk
(former Tyumentransgaz)
Gas transmission
42. Gazprom UGS Natural gas storage operations
43. Gazprom UK Ltd. Project financial management for separate hydrocarbon production sites
44. Gazpromavia Aviation Company Air-borne transportation
45. Gazpromenergo Power plant construction projects in the Russian Federation, CIS and Baltic countries, beyond FSU; participation in energy base development
46. Gazprominvestarena Engineering, construction, retrofitting, and technical upgrade of non-production facilities including housing, education, health care, social and cultural facilities
47. Gazprominvestholding Investment and financial activities
48. Gazpromokhrana Private Security Company Security activities
49. Gazpromrazvitiye Coming up with and developing new projects, optimizing investments, reducing risks and expenses in the Russian Federation and abroad
50. Gazpromstroyengineering Construction and installation works, engineering activities
51. Gazsvyaz Operation of telecommunication systems, operative and technical control of the Gazprom technological communication network; all types of communications for the Gazprom Administration and its subsidiaries
52. Gaztelekom Technical re-equipment and modernization of the Gazprom departmental communication network through commercial use of spare telecommunication capacities
53. Informgaz IT development
54. Informgazinvest Developing an industry integrated information and control system within Gazprom
55. Irkutskgazprom Hydrocarbon field exploration and development, gas distribution network construction and operation
56. IRTs Gazprom Information, advertising, and analytical materials provision on the UGSS efficient control for the Gazprom Administration, subsidiaries and units
57. Krasnoyarskgazdobycha Gas, gas condensate and oil production
58. Kubangazprom Hydrocarbon production and transmission
59. Kuznetsk GPC Exploration and production of coal bed methane and other hydrocarbons
60. Mezhregiongaz Natural gas, oil, gas condensate and derivatives marketing in the Russian Federation
61. NIIgazekonomica Research & Development
62. Novy Urengoy Gas Chemicals Complex Hydrocarbon processing
63. Podzemgazprom Research and development; engineering services
64. Podzemhydromineral Science and Production Center Research and development in the hydro mineral resources production and rational utilization field, recovery of valuable elements out of hydro mineral resources
65. Purgazdobycha Exploration, production, transmission and processing of oil, gas and gas condensate
66. Sevmorneftegaz Oil and gas field development
67. Surgutstroygaz construction company Construction
68. Szhizhenny gaz (Liquefied gas) LNG deliveries and marketing, cylinder filling with LNG, cylinder repair and technical certification
69. Temryukmortrans Marine cabotage and international cargo shipments; offshore towing, rescue and supply operations
70. Top energy Supply and marketing of natural gas, expansion of existing transit gas pipelines
71. TyumenNIIgiprogaz Research & development and engineering activities
72. VNIIGAZ Research & Development
73. Yamalgazinvest Engineering and construction of gas industry facilities
74. Zarubezhneftegaz Oil and gas field exploration and development abroad; foreign relations


Subsidiaries with Gazprom above 50% ownership
As of April 16, 2008

No. Company Core business activity
1. ArmRosgazprom Russian natural gas transit via the territory of the Republic of Armenia to third countries
2. Brestgazoapparat Household gas stove manufacture
3. Centrenergogaz Technical re-equipment of gas production facilities, repair, installation, startup works, development and implementation of special-purpose gas transportation programs, supply of gas pumping unit spare parts to gas industry companies
4. Ditangaz Development, installation and assembly of smoke fuel-based gas analyzers
5. Druzhba Hotel and therapeutic services
6. Electrogaz Manufacture of electric and technical devices and equipment; installation, retrofitting, reconstruction, repair and adjustment of power supply facilities, installation of diesel and gas turbine power stations
7. Gazcom Satellite communication system development
8. Gazenergoservis Production and repair of gas equipment parts and joints, repair and diving services for underwater infrastructure maintenance
9. Gazmash Manufacture of household fuel-powered equipment
10. Gazprom Neft Oil & gas exploration, oil & gas production, transportation and processing, refining, petrochemicals and other products
11. Gazpromgeofizika Geophysical survey of wells, introduction of new technical developments for geophysical survey of wells
12. GazpromPurInvest Purchase and sale of all types of movable and immovable property, commercial projects in the Russian Federation and abroad, intermediary and consulting services
13. Gazpromtrubinvest Pipe production with acquisition priority given to the parent companies
14. Gazprom URGM Trading Natural gas, condensate and oil production and
marketing, natural gas transportation and storage services
15. Gaztorgpromstroy Agricultural and consumer products trade
16. Giprogaztsentr Engineering support for Gazprom’s companies
17. Giprospetsgaz Developing prospective gas facility construction programs, technological engineering
18. Kaunas CHP Power generation and distribution
19. Krasnodargazstroy High, middle and low pressureoil, gas and other pipeline construction
20. Krasnoyarskgazprom Gas, oil and derivatives production, processing and transportation, geological exploration and drilling
21. Lazurnaya Lazurnaya Hotel Complex engineering, financing and completing construction
22. Lengazspetsstroy (LGSS) General contractor services; construction, upgrading and overhaul of oil and gas trunk lines
23. Mosenergo Power and heat generation, providing energy supply to consumers
24. Nord Stream AG Engineering and operation of the pipeline crossing the Baltic Sea
25. Orgenergogaz Engineering and technical maintenance services for gas and gas condensate production and transmission facilities
26. Promgaz Stepping up a common sci-tech policy in the energy saving and gasification sector
27. Severneftegazprom Yuzhno-Russkoye oil and gas condensate field development, geological survey
28. SevKavNIPIgaz Design and survey work for oil and gas facility construction
29. Shtokman Development AG Participation in the Shtokman gas condensate field development project
30. Spetsgazavtotrans Performing a complex of earthwork to erect pertinent infrastructure on Arctic oil and gas fields, constructing motor ways, providing overhaul of gas mains, earthwork, river and motor transport support services, overhaul and technical maintenance of imported building equipment of Gazprom companies
31. Spetsgazremstroy Construction, installation and repair of gas mains
32. Stimul
(100% owned by the Gazprom Group companies)
Oil recovery, treatment and refining in the Eastern block of the Orenburg oil, gas and condensate field
33. Tsentrgaz Gas main construction, gas industry facility upgrading and overhaul, population centre gasification
34. TsKBN Design and construction activities for developing modular and complete equipment for oil & gas facilities
35. VNIPIgazdobycha Scientific and technical products in geological and gas production sector, construction and reconstruction of gas production facilities. Services delivery to Gazprom’s companies
36. Volgogaz Project estimates; construction and installation activities, production of construction materials
37. Volgogradneftemash Development and introduction of new oil and gas processing machines and equipment (chemical and oil machine building)
38. Vostokgazprom Oil and gas exploration and development, hydrocarbon and derivatives marketing
39. Zapsibgazprom Comprehensive development of gas and oil fields


Subsidiaries with Gazprom 50% ownership and less
As of April 16, 2008

No. Company Core business activity
1. AVTOGAZ Creation of new equipment for compressed gas utilization and low yielding field development
2. Belgazprombank Banking services
3. Beltransgaz Gas transmission
4. BSPC B.V. (Blue Stream Special-Purpose Company) Construction and operation of the gas pipeline system to Samsun (Turkey). Operation of the gas pipeline owned by Gazprom and laid between Dzhugba (the Russian Federation) and Samsun (the Republic of Turkey) underneath the Black Sea as well as its construction and financing
5. Caspian Oil Company Oil & gas field exploration and development, geological survey (North-Caspian licensed block)
6. Eesti Gaas Gas supply to consumers, gasification of the Estonian Republic according to its needs (natural gas distribution and marketing)
7. EuRoPol Gaz Development of the gas transit pipeline system for delivering Russian gas to Europe via Poland
8. Gasum Gas marketing in Finland
9. Gazavtomatika Development and introduction of telemechanics and automation systems
10. Gazprombank (Open Joint Stock Company) Debt financing and investments, all types of banking services
11. Gazpromtrans
(wholly owned by Gazprom Group companies)
Railway transportation services, forwarding services
12. Gaztransit Gas transportation
13. Horizon Investment Company Stock exchange activities
14. Horizon-Holding Investment and consulting activities
15. INTERCONNECTOR (UK) LIMITED Gas transmission from England to the continent (gas transmission between Zeebrugge, Belgium andBacton)
16. International Gas Transmission Consortium Ensuring reliable natural gas transmission and optimizing gas transmission routes via the territory of Ukraine
17. IVECO-URALAZ Development, production and marketing of heavy-duty vehicles
18. KazRosGaz Transmission and processing of the Kazakh gas at the Russian Federation gas processing plants including gas intended for the Republic of Kazakhstan
19. Khimsorbent Completing the construction and operating an integrated chemicals facility to purify natural gases from sulfides and carbon dioxide
20. Latvijas Gaze Natural and liquefied gas supply to consumers, Latvian natural gas and service industry development and modernization
21. Lietuvos dujos Natural gas supply to Lithuanian consumers; natural gas transmission and distribution
22. Moldovagaz Gas transit to the Republic of Moldova
23. Moskovsky Vekselny Bank Banking services
24. ORFIN (Orenburg Finance Company) Organization, financing and implementation of investment programs, financial and stock market operations
25. Overgas Inc. Construction and operation of gas transit and trunk pipelines on the territory of Bulgaria
26. Permskiye Motory Arranging for PS-90P-1 type engine production for the GPA-12 gas pumping unit
27. Rosneftegazstroy Implementing gasification programs in Russia, primarily in rural areas
28. Rosshelf Gas field development in the Arctic shelf of Russia
29. ROSUKRENERGO AG Raw materials trade in the energy sector, mainly gas
30. Rus-Gaz Trade House Arranging for retail and small-scale wholesale trade at corporate shops and enterprises
31. SOGAZ Insurance services in rubles and foreign currency
32. SR-DRAGA Keeping the Gazprom Stockholder Register
33. STELLA VITAE Trading in oil, gas and their derivatives; wholesale natural gas trade
34. Stroytransgaz Complex construction of oil and gas facilities, exploration, diagnostics, construction, investment and foreign economic activities
35. Stroytransgazinvest Capital investment in securities
36. TsentrCaspneftegaz Exploration of oil and gas fields
37. Turusgaz Engineering , construction and operation of gasification & power facilities in Turkey
38. VIP-Premier Publication of the international VIP magazine
39. Volta S. p. A. Gas pipeline construction and operation in Italy. Gas transmission and marketing
40. YugoRosGaz Engineering and construction of gas pipeline system
41. YuzhNIIgiprogaz Design and survey work for gas industry facilities


Other Gazprom’s affiliated companies (subsidiary and associated companies)
As of April 16, 2008

Company Reference
1. Achimgaz A joint venture of Gazprom dobycha Urengoy and Wintershall AG (subsidiary of BASF AG). Core business area – gas & condensate production
2. Gazprom Geofizika A Gazprom Group subsidiary controlled by Gazprom dobycha Orenburg. Core business area – field geophysical research
3. Gazprom Germania GmbH A whole subsidiary of Gazprom Export. Core business area – international and holding related activities, natural gas marketing
4. Gazprom Marketing & Trading Ltd. Controlled by the Gazprom Germania Group. Core business area – natural gas marketing
5. Gazprom-Media Controlled by the Gazprombank Group. Core business area – accumulation and development of media assets
6. Gazpromregiongaz Subsidiary of Mezhregiongaz. Core business area – managing gas distribution entities
7. NGK Slavneft Controlled by Gazprom Neft and TNK-BP on a parity basis. A vertically integrated petroleum company
8. Nortgaz The Company’s majority shareholder – Gazprom dobycha Urengoy. Core business areas – production and treatment of natural gas, production and processing of gas condensate, transmission and marketing of natural gas, condensate and their derivatives
9. Purgaz Gazprom dobycha Noyabrsk holds a controlling stake in the Company. Core business area – production of hydrocarbons
10. Sakhakin Energy Investment Company Ltd. Gazprom is the Company’s majority shareholder. Core business area – exploration and production of hydrocarbons. Operator of the Sakhalin II project
11. Sibneftegaz The Company’s majority shareholder – the Gazprombank Group. Core business area – processing of oil, marketing of fuel and lubricants and coal
12. SIBUR Holding Controlled by the Gazprombank Group. Core business area – production of petrochemicals
13. South Stream AG A joint venture of the Gazprom Group and Eni (Italy). Core business area – execution of the South Stream pipeline project
14. Tomskgazprom A subsidiary of Vostokgazprom. Core business area – geological survey, exploration, production, processing and marketing of hydrocarbon resources
15. WIEE (Wintershall Erdgas Handelshaus Zug AG) A joint venture of the Gazprom Group and Wintershall (subsidiary of BASF AG). Core business area – natural gas marketing in Romania and Bulgaria.
16. Wingas GmbH A joint venture of the Gazprom Group and Wintershall (subsidiary of BASF AG). Core business area – natural gas supply, trading gas transmission and storage capacities as well as optical carriers; natural gas purchases, pipelines and UGS operation
17. ZMB GmbH Controlled by the Gazprom Germania Group. Core business area – international and holding related activities, natural gas marketing
18. ZMB (Schweiz) AG Controlled by the Gazprom Germania Group. Core business area – natural gas marketing

Companies related to Gazprom

– Gazfond


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