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Sea Level Rise in excess of 2 meters is physically untenable during the next 100 years

7 september, 2008

Här kommer en intressant forsknings rapport från universitet i Colorado som publicerades i fredagens Science, 5 September 2008:Vol. 321. no. 5894, pp. 1340 – 1343. Som visar att havsnivån kommer att stiga MAX 80 centimeter (2,6 feet) till år 2100 om ens det. Och då gäller vad forskarna kallar accelerated conditions för att detta skall inträffa. 

Det intressant är ju att detta forskningsresultat kommer från University of Colorado, Boulder som är kända Global Warming anhängare.

Vad var det nu Al Gore brukade säga och som han fick Nobels Fredspris (tillsammans med IPCC) för:

”asserts that a sea-level rise of 20 feet is a realistic short-term prospect”

Så här säger en av forskarna, Tad Pfeffer, i en intervju i Colorado Daily

”Pfeffer said the research calling for 20 to 30 feet of sea rise is not backed up by solid glaciological evidence.

Still, the team’s estimate of seas rising roughly 3 to 6 feet would be potentially devastating to low-lying coastal areas, he said.

The gist of the study is that very simple, physical considerations show that some of the very large predictions of sea level rise are unlikely because there is simply no way to move the ice or the water into the ocean that fast,” Pfeffer said.”

”Pfeffer expects the findings will create a stir among scientists.

There are a lot of people in the scientific community that think we are going to have these enormous sea level rises,” he said. ”This is a bit of a reality check.”

Accurate sea level predictions are crucial, Pfeffer said, so policymakers can plan effectively to prepare cities and countries around the world.”

”If we plan for 6 feet and only get 2 feet, for example, or vice versa, we could spend billions of dollars of resources solving the wrong problems,” he said.”

”For Greenland alone to raise sea level by two meters by 2100, all of the outlet glaciers involved would need to move more than three times faster than the fastest outlet glaciers ever observed, or more than 70 times faster than they presently move,” Pfeffer said. ”And they would have to start moving that fast today, not 10 years from now. It is a simple argument with no fancy physics.”

Antarctica: The majority of ice entering the ocean comes from the Antarctic Peninsula and the Pine Island and Thwaites glaciers, Pfeffer said. Most of the marine-based ice in west Antarctica is held behind the Ross and Filcher-Ronne ice shelves, which Pfeffer’s team believes are unlikely to melt by climate or oceanographic changes during the next century.”

Se även bl.a. mina inlägg:Havsnivån har SJUNKIT med 170 m de senaste 80 miljoner åren!, Havsnivån har SJUNKIT med 170 m de senaste 80 miljoner åren – 2!,

Abstract finns här:

Kinematic Constraints on Glacier Contributions to 21st-Century Sea-Level Rise

W. T. Pfeffer,1* J. T. Harper,2 S. O’Neel3

On the basis of climate modeling and analogies with past conditions, the potential for multimeter increases in sea level by the end of the 21st century has been proposed. We consider glaciological conditions required for large sea-level rise to occur by 2100 and conclude that increases in excess of 2 meters are physically untenable. We find that a total sea-level rise of about 2 meters by 2100 could occur under physically possible glaciological conditions but only if all variables are quickly accelerated to extremely high limits. More plausible but still accelerated conditions lead to total sea-level rise by 2100 of about 0.8 meter. These roughly constrained scenarios provide a ”most likely” starting point for refinements in sea-level forecasts that include ice flow dynamics.

1 Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309, USA.

2 Department of Geosciences, University of Montana, Missoula, MT 59812, USA.

3 Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California San Diego, San Diego, CA 92093, USA.

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More hypocrisy from the Global Warming crowd – Carbon Campbell

7 september, 2008

Hyckleriet verkar aldrig ta slut från de personer som predikar Doom and Gloom och talar om för alla andra hur de DRASTISKT måste ändra sina liv för att stoppa Global warming. Plus att dessa personer gladeligen och ideligen beslutar om skatte- och avgifts höjningar plus hittar på NYA skatter och avgifter för vanligt folk.

Allt med motiverigen av att vi ALLA måste ”bekämpa” Global Warming.

Nu senaste så är det Gordon Campbell, premiärminister i British Columbia och ledare för det liberala partiet, som inte lever som han predikar för andra.

Han har dock gott sällskap av Al Gore, Obama m.fl. Se mina inlägg:  Al Gore’s Enormous Carbon Footprint!Al Gores energislösande hem och  Al Gores energislösande resande. Och även  Hycklaren Al Gore VÄGRAR att följa sina egna rådThe master hypocrite Al Gore doesn’t want to criticise his Hollywood buddies!Obamas Big Carbon Footprint

Som sagt, det är skillnad på folk och fä.

Och ingen i det PK styrda etablissemanget/massmedia bryr sig över detta monumentala hyckleri. Nä, vi (dvs. folket) skall hålla käften och betala samt känna skuld för något som vi inte kan påverka.

Se det var en skön samling herrar och damer.

Eller vad sägs om detta Eco friendly statement av en av Global Warming Hysterikernas Gurus Andrew Charalambous (Club4Climate, also known as Dr Earth, who claims to be a decendant of Roman emperors, Norman kings and the Doges of Venice):

all you have to do is dance to save the world”.

Nå Friends of the Earth blev lite sura på det hela:

”FoE, however, took offence at Club4Climate’s insinuation that people should fly to Ibiza to go clubbing in order to earn their green credentials.

Friends of the Earth’s Ruth Ruderham, head of supporter development, said: ”Telling people they can save the world by flying to an island to party is a green con. Club4Climate is misleading people by using our logo and our name.”

Varpå Club4Climate svarar: ”KATE MOSS and Jade Jagger’s green guru has branded Friends of the Earth (FoE) a ”dinosaur organisation” after the eco-group accused him of misleading the public by claiming that ”partying can save the planet”.


Visst är de värdiga representanter som TALAR om för OSS hur VI skall leva för att ”rädda” jorden från ”omedelbar undergång” (enligt Global Warming Hysterikerna).

Artikeln om Campbell finns här:

Carbon Campbell should have flown coach

Premier’s trip to Beijing on private jet pure hypocrisy

Michael Smyth, The Province

Sunday, September 07, 2008

In 2006, NDP Leader Carole James made the unusual decision to accept a free trip to Taiwan from an Asian business group — something Premier Gordon Campbell immediately criticized as an inappropriate perk of office.

”It wouldn’t be my choice,” Campbell snapped, insisting his squeaky-clean Liberals stay away from that kind of corporate swag.

Now flash forward two years and what do enquiring minds discover? Campbell bagged a trip on a private jet to Beijing courtesy of real-estate developer and political backer Jack Poole.

Now it’s the NDP’s turn to tut-tut and wag their fingers.

”There were plenty of commercial flights available,” said NDP critic Shane Simpson.

Indeed, on my own economy-class trip to the Beijing Olympics, I bumped into Campbell‘s executive assistant on the flight. Guess the boss is too important to fly with the worker bees, even in executive class.

This is just the latest gaffe and miscue by Campbell. On the very day he was jet-setting it to Beijing, his government approved pay raises up to 43 per cent for his senior staff — a brazen booty haul he’s still fumbling to explain.

The guy shot himself in both feet in one day! The NDP is loving it.

Campbell’s private-jet junket to China is a dumb move by the premier for several reasons.

For one thing, Campbell has apparently forgotten — or ignored — his own lecture to James: It is inappropriate to take lucrative perks from corporate interests that have a stake in government decisions.

(Poole is chair of Concert Properties, which lobbies the government on transportation issues. Howe Street high-roller Peter Brown — who was also reportedly aboard the jet — is a generous Liberal financial backer.)

But here’s the bigger problem for Campbell: He’s a total hypocrite.

Private jets are one of the biggest polluters around when it comes to the carbon emissions that cause global warming — the planetary threat Campbell is supposedly so passionate about.

A seat on a commercial flight to Beijing emits about 2.2 tonnes of carbon dioxide, Simpson explained, while a private jet can spew close to 60 tonnes for the same trip.

Gordon Campbell’s carbon emissions from a return trip to Beijing on a private jet would be the same as driving a midsize car for almost seven and a half years.”

This from a man who’s whacking us with carbon taxes to force us to change our evil ways. (Oh, and by the way, because Campbell‘s private-jet junket was an international flight, it was exempt from his own carbon tax. More hypocrisy.)

If Campbell wants us to change our own behaviour to save the planet, he should lead by example. Instead, he jet-sets around the world with his corporate pals because he apparently believes there’s a different standard for the guy at the top.

It’s a classic case of ”do as I say, not as I do.”

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