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Självgodhetens rike

26 november, 2008

Som ett komplement till mitt inlägg Sverige talar om för Världen hur den borde styras kommer här ett citat från ett inlägg Hax gör på sin blogg idag:

”Sverige är som att se en trafikolycka i extrem slow motion. Man ser vad som går åt helvete. Man kan inte göra något åt det. Och man kan inte låta bli att titta.”

Mycket träffande!


Global Warming Appetizer – Global Warming Protest cancelled due to Cold Summer Weather

26 november, 2008

The nine-day People’s Power for the Climate protest vigil at Newcastle (Australia) has been cancelled after just one day due to rain and cold. Organisers had previously advised participants to bring sun-cream and hats.

This outcome was predictable.


The single most reliable meteorological phenomenon known to humankind is that which delivers hilariously cold weather whenever global warming alarmists gather. And it’s due to strike again at a Climate Action Now! rally held to mark Obama’s new planet-saving policies.


The protest website is here:

”People’s power for the climate – November 22 at Eraring Power Station

Start: 22.11.2008 – 09:00

End: 22.11.2008 – 17:00

Timezone: Australia/Sydney

The Eraring protest rally was a success, however the 9 day vigil has been canceled due to various circumstances including terrible weather. Thanks very much to everyone who came!

What you will need:

Bring sun-cream and hats. There will be some water, but a personal bottle is advisable. ”



Global Warming Anyone?

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