Overall temperature trend since 1979 for Antarctica is slightly negative.

”Overall trend (RSS Anomaly) since 1979 for Antarctica is slightly negative. Now, take a gander at this chart, use your common sense, and then you tell me whether or not the melting of the South Pole is about to doom us all.”


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Antarctic Region:

October Anomaly

  • Anomaly value = -0.696, in degrees Celsius
  • Of 358 total anomalies in the data, it ranks 344th (I’ll bet you’ve all heard about that, right? What? You haven’t? I’m shocked!)
  • Of 30 October anomalies, it ranks 30th. Yes, that is correct. It was the coldest month since at least 1979, when the satellite data started.
  • October’s anomaly is 0.472 degrees cooler than October 2007 and 0.794 degrees cooler than September 2008

Averages and trends

  • 12-month average anomaly is -0.079, which is low, but there have been lower stretches (including earlier this year)
  • The slope since inception (January 1979) is -0.0000352 degrees Celsius per month, which corresponds to a cooling per Century of 0.04 degrees
  • We can fit a positive trend line going back to a starting point in most periods from a starting point of April 1981 to January 2000. The longest term trend lines are negative and the shorter trend lines are negative.

Global Warming Anyone?

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  1. North Pole Sea Ice TWICE AS THICK as expected « UD/RK Samhälls Debatt Says:

    […] Overall temperature trend since 1979 for Antarctica is slightly negative. […]


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