The Globe is Cooling and the temperatures keep going down

Here are figures and data from NASA about the global cooling. And remember these are the guys who have manipulated data so that it would support the Global Warming Hysteria. Yes, they have been caught with their pants down several times.

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And they did this in the name of ”good science” of course.

And they are officially spreading the Global Warming Hysteria with your tax money.

And they have the Global Warming high priest James Hansen as director of GISS (Goddard Institute for Space Studies).

Notice the difference between the northern hemisphere and the equatorial and the southern hemisphere. And between land and ocean.

The equatorial and the southern hemisphere are cooling faster than the northern hemisphere.

Notice especially that the equatorial latitudes (23,6 N -23,6 S) is cooling the fastest. And this is the warmest part of earth

And the oceans are cooling faster than land.

Wasn’t this to be a GLOBAL Warming??

Instead everything is cooling. And some parts are cooling even faster than the ”global mean”.

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20, 000 year of Temperature, CO2 and sea level change data 

An Eighteen-Hundred-Year Climate Record from China

422 700 år av temperaturdata från Antarktis

Temperaturen för 130 000 år sedan,

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Annual Mean Temperature Change for Northern and Southern Hemispheres


 Annual Mean Temperature Change for Land and Ocean


Annual Mean Temperature Change for Three Latitude Bands


Global Monthly Mean Surface Temperature Change


Annual Mean Temperature Change in the United States


Seasonal Mean Temperature Change


Comparison of 2009 Temperature to the Two Years with the Warmest Annual Means


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