Lord Stern, ‘Scaremonger in chief’, exposed by simple blunders

Al Gore is getting competition for the Mr. Gloom and Doom title. As for the title of the most misleading facts. And the ”noble” effort to silence the press and critics.

This is what Dr Richard Tol. (took key part in the IPCC and wrote the UN Handbook on Methods for Climate Change Impact Assessment) had to say about the Stern report:

 ”alarmist and incompetent”, and his doomsday prophecies were simply ”preposterous”.

 Article here:


Lord Stern, ‘Scaremonger in chief’, exposed by simple blunders

How come ”the world’s leading expert on climate change” doesn’t even know how much carbon dioxide there currently is in the air, wonders Christopher Booker.

By Christopher Booker

Last Updated: 10:48PM BST 25 Apr 2009

Confronted last week with the unfolding horror story of the Budget, we might have been grateful for the light relief provided by Lord Stern of Brentford, who told us how, unless we halt global warming, we can look forward to the sight of alligators gambolling at the North Pole, and Florida and Bangladesh sinking beneath the sea.

Since he produced the 570-page Stern Review in 2006, which Tony Blair described as ”the most important report on the future ever produced by this Government”, this former Treasury official and chief economist to the World Bank has won extraordinary adulation. In the US Congress he is acclaimed as ”the world’s leading expert on climate change”, vying with Al Gore to be the world’s Scaremonger-in-Chief.

Today Lord Stern is head of the LSE’s Grantham Research Institute for Climate Change and the Environment, launched by a billionaire investment manager to advise on the fast-burgeoning global market in every kind of ”low carbon technology”, ”emissions trading” and all the other growth areas associated with the climate change industry. Last week he was in the news for launching his new book, A Blueprint for a Safer Planet: How to Manage Climate Change and Create a New Era of Progress and Prosperity.

Unsurprisingly, there is no one for whom Lord Stern has more contempt than those he calls the ”deniers” of man-made global warming. He told The Daily Telegraph last week that they ”look more and more like those who denied the association between HIV and Aids, or smoking and cancer”. In his book, he criticises the media for giving any space at all to such people, when ”the balance of logic and evidence is 99 per cent or more to one”.

But for a man whose whole case rests on the damage supposedly being done to the planet by carbon dioxide, it was somewhat disconcerting to see him quoted as saying that CO2 levels in the atmosphere have now reached ”430 parts per million [ppm]”. He said exactly the same last year in an interview with Prospect. The actual level is 388.97 ppm. It may seem a tiny point, but one might have expected ”the world’s leading expert on climate change” to have a rather surer grasp of a fact so central to his case.

Similarly, one would not expect a man whose institute is claimed to be ”a world-leader in low carbon technologies” to claim, as he does in his book, that by next year wind energy ”is set to account for 8 per cent of electricity generation in the UK”, when the current figure is scarcely 1 per cent; or that ”wind accounted for 35 per cent of total installed power capacity in the US in 2007”, when two minutes on the internet could have shown him that wind power that year generated less electricity in the US than a single large coal-fired power station.

In fact, when the Stern Review came out in 2006, predicting that global warming could soon account for the extinction of 40 per cent of all species of life on earth, far from being universally lauded it was savagely criticised by some of the very people who might have been expected to praise it – his fellow economists. No one was more excoriatory than the man on whose work Lord Stern claimed to have based many of his most scarifying predictions, the noted Dutch economist Dr Richard Tol.

Far from being a global-warming sceptic, Dr Tol has played a key part in the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and wrote the UN Handbook on Methods for Climate Change Impact Assessment. But he could not have been more withering about the way the Stern Review went out of its way to cherry pick the most alarming possible predictions about the impacts of climate change and then to exaggerate them still further. Where Tol had, for instance, given a range of costs up to $14 per ton of CO2, while saying that the actual cost was ”likely to be substantially smaller”, Stern had more than doubled his figure, to $29 a ton. Stern’s report, Tol pronounced, could be ”dismissed as alarmist and incompetent”, and his doomsday prophecies were simply ”preposterous”.

Yet this is the man, reverentially treated by the BBC, the media and politicians everywhere as ”the world’s leading expert on climate change” – so lost in his apocalyptic dreams that he doesn’t even know something so basic to his cause as how much CO2 there is in the air we breathe.

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3 svar to “Lord Stern, ‘Scaremonger in chief’, exposed by simple blunders”

  1. Daily News About Earth : A few links about Earth - Sunday, 26 April 2009 05:23 Says:

    […] Lord Stern, ‘Scaremonger in chief’, exposed by simple blunders […]

  2. What's good about the global financial crises Says:

    What’s good about the global financial crises is that all the scaremongers get less and less money for their unscientific global warming hysteria. Even governments must now concentrate on providing jobs and social welfare for the unemployed. It will not be possible to continue to tax ordinary people to death anymore with reference to this centuries biggest lies about climate change. There is no climate change that is abnormal, Co2 or not. Human beings can not change the climate. What can be changed is working for clean air, clean water and a nature in balance but that has nothing to do with man made CO2 and it’s global impact.

    The financial crises means that every dollar that goes to environmental protection, all these totally uneconomical wind power projects and ethanol production as fuel for vehicles will be scrutinized from now on. There won’t be a new Kyoto-type agreement in Copenhagen in December. Thank God that there will be no excessive money for this madness. Just the costs for all these meaningless conferences is a shame. All paid for by hard working or hard stricken unemployed citizens all over the world.

  3. crazy mudda stern baby Says:

    Hahaha Lord Stern of Brentford, what a loser. He compares CO2 damage deniers with smoking and aids deniers, all three rackets cooked up by the same bunch of crooks. Ahahahahaha! His bosses! Ahahahahahaha. How many shares does Lord Stern have in the new, soon to be defunct (we hope) carbon credits rating agency?

    British and American brand tobaccos have long been deliberately poisoned by excessive use of chemical fertilisers which cause radioactive Polonium isotopes to be present in the finished product. This is the primary cause of lung cancer in smokers.

    Many medical insiders are of the firm opinion that AIDS/HIV is a man-made virus which incidentally seems tailored to people of African origin. An international effort with it’s origins pre-WW2, Hitler’s mob and the Afrikaans regime had a hand in it, along with the usual Anglo-American suspects. Ahahahahahaha, wait until the rest of the world finds out about that. Ahahahahahaha!


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