The Origin and Life Cycle of Junk Science – OR Global Warming Hysteria

Below is a very good description of the cycle and the forces behind any mass hysteria and junk science.

If you go through all my posts in this blog you are going to find eminent examples of all these different stages of the Global Warming Hysteria.

I all along have said that this Global Warming Hysteria has nothing to do with science, facts, or saving the environment. It’s all a political agenda. An anti human, anti development and anti freedom agenda. They also hate the capitalistic system for obvious reasons.

And that the politicians love this Global Warming Hysteria because they can tax everyone to death, and introduce new fees etc with the “motivation” that “they” are “saving” the planet from the Global Warming treat.

Of course they don’t sacrifice anything themselves- se the glaring example of Al Gore who preaches frugality to the masses while he himself gladly continues with his great and energy rich lifestyle – they ONLY LIKE YOU TO FEEL THE PAIN and BURDEN of this sacrifice.

The sad part about this Hysteria is, besides the scientists how have betrayed everything that science should stand for, is the press and medias role in censoring and intimidating everyone who has opposed this hysteria.

And there willing participation in driving and promoting this hysteria. Not to mention their part in covering up the Giant Difference between what these high priests says and what they actually do. A total and utter shame for what journalism should be about.

These people – Global Warming Alarmists – TOTALLY without any sense of proportions, priorities and what is important for the survival of the human race and the Earth – We have entrusted to rule our countries?

As I wrote in my post on 23 may, 2008  ”Global Warming Hysterics – Get out of Africa Now! Or The curse of environmentalism:

And when you are at it – the rest of the World too.

This is happening HERE AND NOW. People are being burnt alive and hacked to pieces. Gruesome? You bet! Horrible – yes. But desperate people do sometimes do desperate things.

Do you think the Nobel Price winners IPCC, Al Gore and the rest of the Global Warming Hysterics pack care?   Nah…they are very busy spending trillions upon trillions of dollars of your tax money on something much, much more important than saving lives here and now.

Namely, they are “fighting” something that MIGHT HAPPEN (IF the climate models are right – which they are not, se my previous posts) IN 100 years – a temperature rise of 2-4 F.

Wow! That’s a worthy goal isn’t. I mean how cares about people killing themselves, dying of starvation or some “obscure” disease that take tens of thousand of lives a year here and now. And you don’t need computer models to figure that out either – you just have to go out on the streets.

There’s to much population anyway – they are actually saying that. When you instead can “fight” the great enemy CO2 lurking in a distant future.

All of this is led by the holly church of IPCC and it’s chief priest (and saint) Al Gore. Who is constantly spreading the message of near Gloom and Doom if we do not obey him and his church. And if you question this superstition you are immediately excommunicated and shunned.

And ALL the politicians and news media are worshiping and prostrating before their altar of carbon trading. Obediently following every whim and decree from the high church.

The problem is that the priesthood of Global Warming Hysterics are not exactly living as they preach. On the contrary – they live a very luxurious life and DO ALL THE THINGS that they preach and say the common man should not do.

Seems like fair and righteous deal doesn’t it? We do ALL the hard work and ALL the sacrifices and they take ALL our money.

At the same time as they are spending enormous sums of your tax money on their VERY important (except for themselves) nonsense mission. They do not forget to tell you ALL the time what a great burden they have so we should understand how REALLY important these people are. And what an important function THEY play in saving the planet. And how grateful we the people should be for that.

And that they can not be disturbed fulfilling this important mission by such trivial matters as people dying of starvation or curable diseases and civil wars etc.

But this is not a problem (that they are not living as they preach ) since news papers and TV are very obedient and loyally preach the message and sings the Gospel. And has since long forgotten what it meant to be a journalist. Or a politician in service of the public.

This my friends is the sad state of the “civilized” world today. If you didn’t know otherwise you would think this is some scene from medieval times with it’s pagan rituals and worship. And with the letters of indulgence (carbon credits) paying for our carbon sins and repenting to Kyoto.

And I hold all politicians and so called scientists and so called journalists accountable for this sorry state of affairs because they took ACTIVE part in it and promoted it. And they did ABSOLUTLY NOTHING TO STOPP this madness for all these years.

This is the dream world according to IPCC, Al Gore and all Global Warming Hysterics: (se the pictures in my post  Global Warming Hysterics – Get out of Africa Now! Or The curse of environmentalism,)

We in the industrialized world would be reduced to subservient living. And the developing world efforts to give it’s citizens a decent living standard would be stopped in it’s tracks and they would be reduced to mass poverty.

Lo and behold isn’t that a worthy goal!. You toil and work hard to reduce your own AND everybody else’s living standard. Yeah that’s a motivator all right!

See the picture before you – mom and dad is proudly telling their children that they are working VERY, VERY HARD to REDUCE their own living standard, their children’s and the grandchildren’s.

We would be the first generation IN HISTORY who on purpose and willingly reduce our economic, social and living standard. AND FORCE the rest of the world to do the same regardless of WHAT THEY WANT!

This global mass madness is led by politicians, newspapers/TV and so called scientists. Because they are blindly following some computer models that cannot predict even the weather two weeks from now! Or accurately simulate how the weather was two weeks ago!

All in the name of reducing the increase of global temperature 2-4 F in 100 years.

And this is the same Earth how have survived drastic shifts (often in very short time spans) in climate and weather through is long history.

On a DAILY basis the temperature can easily vary 80 F in the same location. And the difference between the warmest and coldest spot on earth THE SAME DAY can vary 220 F (Vostok and Death Valley averages). And this we have survived (and worse) without problems for centuries.

And the difference between the record coldest -129 F (the Vostok Station in Antarctica on July 21, 1983) and the record warmest 136 F (El Azizia, Libya on Sept. 13, 1922) is a whopping 265 F!

Or take the state of Montana where the difference between the record warmest and coldest is an impressive 187 F. And the people of Montana are still there and thriving.

And somehow the earth managed to survive that. But a minuscule predicted increase of 2-4 F in 100 years is supposed to mean total disaster for our civilization! And such a catastrophe that the politicians and scientist are going to sacrifice all of our wealth and living standards.

Isn’t it fantastic how suddenly the human race have become very, very fragile. We can somehow survive an 80 F variation in temperature during one day. But a predicted 2-4 F increase in 100 years we cannot handle according to the Global Warming Hysterics.

To give you just one example of how absurd this whole Global Warming Hysteria is:

Here in Stockholm the temperature recently DROPPED 38 F in a matter of 10-11 hours (Yeah that’s right! It dropped 10 -18 times more in 10 hours than the predicted rise in 100 years). But there was NO emergency meeting of the cabinet or extra session of the parliament or huge headlines in the news papers to “deal” with this “emergency”. Why?

Because nothing happened. Every one, including the cabinet, parliament and news media, went about their lives as normal as nothing had happened. It was colder of course but that’s about it.

Isn’t it strange that a drop in temperature 10 -18 times stronger in 10 hours than the predicted rise in temperature in 100 years, and no one reacts because it’s considered “normal” weather and demands no action ? And yet the same governments get hysteric about the PREDICTED 2-4 F rise in 100 years by the computer models?

And they are willing to sacrifice our wealth and economic living standard and spend trillions of dollars to “fight” this predicted rise of temperature by the computer models. And they are also willing to sacrifice the developing countries in the process.

These people – TOTALLY without any sense of proportions, priorities and what is important for the survival of the human race and the Earth – We have entrusted to rule our countries?

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Life Cycle of Junk Science

Below is the life cycle of junk science, as best I can figure it by analyzing the history of classic junk science, from diet pills to The Population Bomb. Can you think of any examples today that might fit this life cycle?


1) Maverick Scientist has an Idea.

2) Other scientists deride the Idea.

3) SF Writers use Idea as image of bleak future.

4) Academics debate Idea.

5) Politicians begins to discuss the Idea, but don’t understand it.

6) General Public ignores the Idea.


7) Champion arrives to actively promote and publicize Idea.

8 ) Scientists form a consensus that agrees with Idea.

9) Academics teach Idea as fact.

10) Fast Adapters change lifestyle, ridicule General Public.

11) Hollywood makes disaster movie, sometimes based on SF novel from 3.

12) General Public makes token lifestyle changes.

13) Politicians use Idea to attack political enemies.


14) Scientific consensus begins ruthlessly crushing dissent.

15) Champion is hailed as Messianic Leader.

16) Academics announce society is doomed.

17) General public accepts Idea.

18) Opponents of Idea are cast as wicked and immoral.

19) Music Industry holds benefit, sometimes using film name from 11.

 Critical Mass

20) Dissenting Scientist proposes alternative theory to Idea.

21) Scientific consensus denounces Dissenting Scientist.

22) Messianic Leader begins making ludicrous claims unrelated to Idea.

23) Politicians propose massive social, fiscal, and moral changes to accommodate Idea.

24) Time Magazine puts Maverick Scientist, Messiah, Idea, or all 3 on cover.

Death and Rebirth

25) Dissenting Scientist is proven to be right, nothing happens.

26) Scientists form new consensus, claim they knew all along.

27) Fast Adapters are ridiculed by General Public.

28) Academics continue to teach Idea as “compelling theory”.

29) Politicians raise taxes, just in case.

30) Messiah and Entertainment Industry find new Maverick Scientist.

31) Return to Step 1.

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