How can the Scientific Community Still Allow the Parody of “science” called Global Warming Hysteria?

It has always baffled me that all the good scientists out there mostly in silence allow the shenanigans and charlatans of there craft to destroy the creditability of science as a whole.

A very good description in today’s The Australian of the sad state of the so called “science” behind the Global Warming Hysteria. And the medias and politicians roll in spreading this gospel.

And the censorship and intimidation from the press, media, politicians and fellow “scientists” of everyone who has opposed this hysteria.

I all along have said that this Global Warming Hysteria has nothing to do with science, facts, or saving the environment. It’s all a political agenda. An anti human, anti development and anti freedom agenda. They also hate the capitalistic system for obvious reasons.

Article here,25197,26056202-7583,00.html

Global warming hotheads freeze out science’s sceptics

Christopher Pearson | September 12, 2009

GARTH Paltridge was a chief research scientist with the CSIRO’s division of atmospheric research before becoming the director of the Institute of Antarctic and Southern Ocean Studies and chief executive of the Antarctic Co-operative Research Centre.

His latest sceptical contribution to the debate on the dangers of carbon dioxide is a book, endearingly titled The Climate Caper.

Paltridge gives a crisp summary of the physics and economics of climate change, but I want to focus here on his account of the new green religion. ”Perhaps the most interesting question in all this business is how it can be that the scientific community has become so over-the-top in support of its own propaganda about the seriousness and certainty of upcoming drastic climate change. Scientists after all are supposed to be unbiased in their assessment of a problem and are expected to tell it as it is. Over the centuries they have built up the capital of their reputation on just that supposition. And for the last couple of decades they have put that capital very publicly on the line in support of a cause which, to say the least, is overhung by an enormous amount of doubt. So how is it that the rest of the scientific community, uncomfortable as it is with both the science of global warming and the way its politics is being played, continues to let the reputation of science in general be put at considerable risk because of the way the dangers of climate change are being vastly oversold?

Part of the answer lies in the way institutions find ways to silence their employees. Paltridge himself was involved in setting up the Antarctic research centre in the early 90s with the CSIRO. As he recalls: ”I made the error at the time of mentioning in a media interview — reported extensively in The Australian on a slow Easter Sunday — that there were still lots of doubts about the disaster potential of global warming. Suffice it to say that within a couple of days it was made clear to me from the highest levels of CSIRO that, should I make such public comments again, then it would pull out of the process of forming the new centre.The CSIRO, it turned out, was in the process of trying to extract many millions of dollars for further climate research at the time.

Almost the only scientists at liberty to speak their minds are retirees, such as William Kininmonth and Paltridge himself. He gives an example, Brian Tucker, a former chief of CSIRO’s Atmospheric Research Division. Tucker was ”a specialist in numerical climate modelling and therefore knew better than most where the bodies are buried in the climate change game. He kept remarkably quiet about his worries on the matter. Then he retired, and for four or five years thereafter was the bane of the global warming establishment because of his very public stance against many of its sacred cows.” Eventually he was marginalised by being described as ”one of the usual suspects, who was now out of date and in any event was probably on the payroll of industry”.

Another eye-opener is the story of how a committee of the Australian Academy of Science was dissuaded from its plans to respond to the Garnaut Report. Paltridge says: ”While the committee was aware of all the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ of 100-year prediction of rainfall, it was aware too of the delicacy of saying so in an Academy response. But if indeed there is something of the order of a 50-50 chance that the forecasts supplied to Garnaut were nonsense, then it seems reasonable that the fact should be made known in plain English …” Academy members met Garnaut and ”rumour has it that sometime during the meeting Professor Garnaut became very sympathetic to the need for vast new resources to address the need for basic research … In the end it seems that the idea of a response to the Garnaut Report was dropped altogether.”

Eventually the academy came out with a statement of priorities for climate research, which contained a brief reference to the fact that the rainfall projections Garnaut relied on were problematical, but most of the public were none the wiser.

Paltridge says that behind the climate change debate there are two basic truths seldom articulated. ”The first is that the scientists pushing the seriousness of global warming are perfectly well aware of the great uncertainty attached to their cause. The difficulty for them is to ensure that the lip service paid to uncertainty is enough to convince governments of the need to continue research funding, but is not enough to cast real doubt on the case for action. The paths of public comment and official advice on the matter have to be trodden very carefully. The second basic truth is that there is a belief among scientific ‘global warmers’ that they are an under-funded minority among a sea of wicked sceptics who are extensively funded by industry and close to Satan. The difficulty for them is to maintain a belief in their own minority status while insisting in public that the sceptics, at least among the ranks of the scientifically literate, are very few.”

The Royal Society did its own reputation a disservice by sending a letter to Exxon-Mobil oil corporation declaring an anathema on dissident climate research. It said: ”To be still producing information that misleads people about climate change is unhelpful. The next IPCC report should give the people the final push they need to take action and we can’t have people trying to undermine it.”

Paltridge says: ”The staggering thing is that the society, which in other circumstances would be the first to defend the cause of free inquiry … seemed not to be able to hear what it was saying.”

He takes a gloomy view of the likelihood that the political class will soon come to its senses. ”One suspects that a fair amount of the shrillness of the climate message derives from a fear that something will happen to prick the scientific balloon so carefully inflated and overstretched over the last few decades. But the IPCC doesn’t really need to worry. The difficulty for the sceptics is that credible argument against accepted wisdom requires, as did the development of the accepted wisdom itself, large-scale resources which can only be supplied by the research institutions. Without those resources, the sceptic is only an amateur who can quite easily be confined to outer darkness.”

In the last chapter, Paltridge lists some hidden agendas. ”There are those who, like president (Jacques) Chirac of France, look with favour on the possibility of an international de-carbonisation regime because it would be the first step towards global government. There are those who, like the socialists before them, see international action as a means to force a redistribution of wealth both within and between individual nations. There are those who, like the powerbrokers of the European Union, look upon such action as a basis for legitimacy. There are those who, like bureaucrats the world over, regard the whole business mainly as a path to the sort of power which, until now, has been wielded only by the major religions. More generally, there are those who, like the politically correct everywhere, are driven by a need for public expression of their own virtue.”

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5 svar to “How can the Scientific Community Still Allow the Parody of “science” called Global Warming Hysteria?”

  1. hernadi-key Says:

    The main cause of global warming:
    1.many more animal farms in the world
    2.indiscriminate felling of trees
    3.pollution in developing countries

    how to prevent:
    1.Be vegetarian
    2.use environmentally friendly technology

    for more details see:

    the latest info about global warming .

  2. Var är vetenskapen? Says:

    hernandi-key har lämnat sina synpunkter på global warming och det är väl utmärkt. Men var är de vetenskapliga beläggen? Inte ens på hans blogspot. Ser vi exempelvis utan vetenskapliga metoder på jordens klimathistoria så har det i långa perioder funnits fler djur på jorden än i dag, vissa perioder har enorma skogsbränder härjat och bränt av skogarna och öknar har bildats där det växte träd, atmosfären har påverkats av vulkanutbrott med större verkan än all mänskligt påverkad koldioxid och annan nedsmutsning. Klimatet har hela tiden varit föränderligt. Det kommer att fortsätta att förändras utan att människan kan påverka det i mer utsträckning än att vi skall verka för rent vatten, ren luft och en natur i balans så långt detta är möjigt. Men kom inte med de floskler som hernandi-key försöker tuta i sunt tänkande människor.

    Ett bevis på snedvridningen av global warming hysterin ser vi idag igen i det lilla. Kolla DN:s artikel om att fartyg passerat Nordostpassagen.

    Först säger man med rubrik att ”Sedan 2005 har istäcket i Arktis minskat…”

    Sedan tvingas man citera en vetenskapsman som säger att …”i år är faktiskt havsisens utbredning något större än 2008 och 2009. Johan Woxelius är professor i sjöfartslogistik vid Handelshögskolan i Göteborg. Han vill tona ned betydelsen av Beluga Shippings prestation.”

    Alltså ingen global warming här utan en global cooling! I Köpenhamn i december skall jordens befolkning av jordens ledare tvingas att beskattas med koldioxidskatt som knäcker jordens befolkning fullständigt vettlöst. Pengar som behövs för byggnation, hälsovård, utbildning och fattigdomsbekämpning i den fattigare delen av världen och för teknik och vetenskap i västvärlden samt för omhändertagande värdigt av en åldrande befolkning i världen. Av Köpenhamnsmötet kommer i realiteten inte att bli något bestående. När befolkningarna i världen ser vad det innebär är det slut med politikerna som de röstat fram i god tro.

    Här citet om en de facto global cooling i Arktis.


    ”Sedan 2005 har istäcket i Arktis minskat med nästan en femtedel, till följd av den globala uppvärmningen. För några år sedan blev Nordvästpassagen norr om Kanada farbar och nu är således även den traditionellt svårforcerade Nordostpassagen alltmer öppen i anslutning till den arktiska sommaren.

    Traditionellt är just september månad den tidpunkt då istäcket är som minst, men i år är faktiskt havsisens utbredning något större än 2008 och 2009. Johan Woxelius är professor i sjöfartslogistik vid Handelshögskolan i Göteborg. Han vill tona ned betydelsen av Beluga Shippings prestation.”


    Ha en bra dag där ute alla ni som inser att global warming hysterin snart är på fall. DN:s förtäcka och luriga skrivningar är inte något annat än en skandal pyramidal och har varit så hela tiden i global warming hysterins framfart med de politiska ”lögnarna” i FN:s klimatpanel med skojaren Al Gore i Spetsen. Snart får vi se fredspriset i Oslo gå till den grupp som vetenskapligt sänker hela global warming industrin och den politiska vänstermiljöfalsariet.

    • sophiaalbertina Says:

      Vad är vetenskapen?

      Det är inte bara en ”skandal pyramidal” (bra uttryck) utan en av de största politiska och vetenskapliga skandalerna någonsin. Om man ser till omfattningen av denna Global Warming Hysteri; med den mängd av politiker, media, institutioner (som FN, EU etc.), och den oerhörda mängd av pengar som satsas av våra skattepengar av dessa institutioner och politiker; och s.k. ”vetenskapsmän” som är involverade i spridningen av denna religiösa lära. Som ju ingenting har att göra med vetenskap, fakta eller att rädda miljön utan har en helt annan politisk agenda. Så kan man ju tyvärr inte komma till någon annan slutsats.

      Där finns vidare alla klasiska inslag som återfinns i religiösa kulter. Som censur, total kontroll och försök att stoppa all information som strider mot ”läran”. Ett enormt grupptryck med förkastelse, avvisande och aktiv mobbing av dem som försöker ställa frågor. Eller ännu värre ifrågasätta dogmen.

      Etc. Etc. Listan kan göras hur lång som helst. Det finns en uppsjö med exempel på denna blogg. Det är bara att läsa och förskräckas vad som kan pågå i ”vetenskapens” namn.

      Framtida generationer måste med stor förundran se på hur denna dårskap tilläts fortsätta och spridas i en s.k. modern och upplyst tid. Det är en skam för vår moderna tid där information och fakta finns så lätt tillgängligt att denna hysteri har kunnat fortgå så länge och med så mycket officiellt stöd.

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