The IPCC’s Fabrication of Atmospheric CO2 ‘Residency Time’

More on the IPCC and their falsifying of data to suit their Global Warming Hysteria. This time it’s about Atmospheric CO2 ‘Residency Time’ (the time CO2 remains in the atmosphere before being recycled by the oceans).

IPCC put a value of 100 years when all other scientific studies show a value of 5-15 years.

“In order for increased human CO2 emissions to cause accelerated global warming, the climate models need to assume that CO2 remains in the atmosphere for a very long time, up to 100+ years. Since the IPCC’s task is to prove any global warming is due to human CO2 emissions, they decided to proclaim that CO2 was long-lived in the atmosphere – a fabricated assumption.

They did this despite the overwhelming majority of peer-reviewed studies (and corroborating empirical measurements) finding that CO2 in the atmosphere remained there a short time. Literally, a fabricated assumption, driven by political agenda, became a cornerstone of fraudulent climate model science. As a result, billions spent on climate models that are unable to predict climate with any accuracy.”

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             Maximum residence time of Atmospheric CO2



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4 svar to “The IPCC’s Fabrication of Atmospheric CO2 ‘Residency Time’”

  1. Copenhagen the end Says:

    Copenhagen will be a disaster for all the global warming hysterics and that will to my uttermost delight. IPCC will finally understand that it’s over or at least will find the world population so sceptic that it will no longer be possible to drain the working man’s money to continue this climate change fraud.

    Governments that today still hysterically use CO2 emissions as a revenue generating tax machine will all over the world face an unbelievable discontent from their voters, to such an extent that they will lose power. I can’t wait to see all this starting in Copenhagen in December.

    Sophia, you have done an excellent job in educating your fellow man by your never ending spirit to investigate and analyse the climate bluff. Thanks.

    • sophiaalbertina Says:

      Copenhagen the end,

      Thanks for the kind words. I am trying my best to put the spotlight on one of the biggest political and scientific scandals in modern time.

      And yes, we are seeing the end of IPCC’s omnipotence and total control. The common people are becoming aware of this hysteria and who little it has to do with their normal lives. The exception of course is the politicians how use this agenda to try and tax us back to the Stone Age. Then we are really going to be “Carbon neutral”.

  2. Climate Gate – All the manipulations and lies revealed 291 « UD/RK Samhälls Debatt Says:

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