Global Warming Appetizer – Coldest October in many years and record snow



Sydney‘s Coldest October in 17 years

“Based on maximum temperatures and averaging 21.4 degrees, we have now seen our coldest October in 17 years.”

Sheridan on track for record cold October

SHERIDAN, Wyo. (AP) – This month is on track to be the coldest October on record in Sheridan.

The National Weather Service says the average temperature in Sheridan so far this month has been 37.2 degrees. The previous coldest October in Sheridan was in 1969, when the average was 38.5 degrees.

Daytime high temperatures topped 60 degrees only three times this month, also a record.

Sheridan‘s coldest temperature this month was a record low of 5 degrees on Oct. 9. The previous record for that date was 16 degrees, set in 1993.

Inner Mongolia‘s Cold Snap Brings First Snow To Beijing

A cold snap from inner Mongolia has brought the first snow to Beijing early dawn Sunday, two months ahead of winter.

According to Beijing Meteorological Department senior engingeer Zhang Mingying, cold snap of level 6-7 landed northern China yesterday, causing a 10 to 16 degree sharp drop of temperature in Beijing and Hebei, Jilin and Liaoning provinces.

”It is unusual for cold snap of this level to occur in October…this is the first time that Beijing is swept by cold snap in October since the 1970s,” he added.

Snow shifts east, paralyzing plains,0,1202500.story

DENVER – After pounding Colorado’s Front Range and metropolitan Denver for more than two days with snow, a powerful Winter Storm pushed into eastern Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas Thursday evening.

The snow and wind created blizzard conditions and forced the closure of several major highways, including Interstate 70 which was shut down from Aurora to the Kansas state line.

Also closed were I-76 from Brighton to Neb., US 34 from Brush to Neb., CO 71 from Neb. to Ordway, CO 61 from Sterling to Otis, and CO 59 between I-76 and Yuma.


The storm was the biggest October snowmaker in the Denver area since 1997, said Byron Louis, a weather service hydrologist in Boulder. It also broke records for total October snowfall in Wyoming.

”The track of this storm was more indicative of March and April heavy storm event,” FOX 31 Chief Meteorologist Dave Fraser said. ”A two day event of this magnitude is certainly an oddity for October and may be an indication of the winter to come, which is a scary thought.”

18 inches fell in Boulder, 37″ in Conifer, 23″ in Parker, 16″ in Aurora, 43″ in Pinecliffe, and 16″ in Castle Rock. Denver had received 14 inches of snow by Thursday evening with very little additional accumulation forecast.

Hundreds of schools in metro Denver stayed closed Thursday, but the University of Colorado in Boulder and Colorado State University in Fort Collins, where 17.5 inches fell, reopened a day after sending students home early.

Many schools opted to close Friday as well, however, some administrators planned to wait until morning to gauge conditions.


Denver-based Frontier Airlines canceled 44 flights in and out of Denver International Airport due to ”ground blizzard” conditions. Other flights were delayed by up to four hours. United Airlines, the airport’s dominant carrier with about 400 flights per day, canceled half its flights Thursday to prevent delays and cancelations from spilling over into Friday, spokesman Charlie Hobart said.

Airport spokesman Chuck Cannon said crews were using 174 pieces of snow-removal equipment to keep runways and taxiways clear as they dealt with severe wind gusts. The airport received at least 16 inches of snow with 5-foot snow drifts east of Denver, the weather service said.

”It drifts and it blows and it cuts visibility. It just creates problems and safety is the big issue.” Cannon said. Travelers were urged to check flight status with their airlines before driving to DIA.

A Blizzard Warning was in effect for northeastern Colorado through 9 a.m. Friday.

Denver foothills get up to 4 feet of snow


Arizona gets some interesting new minimum high records

From the “weather is not climate department”….whether it is cold or snow, long lived records keep falling, and recently in large numbers.

Today, new “minimum high” records fell in a traditionally warm southwest state.

Flagstaff, and Prescott, Williams, and Winslow Arizona all significantly bested the old records set on this date.

The “cold war” hits home – October in like a lion, out like a fridge


Cold start to fall continues, 252 more low temperature records set in the USA this week

More new record lows, lowest max temperature, and snowfall this week. The new low records outnumber the high records. There were an impressive number of Lowest Max Temperature records

Here’s a listing of the record events by category:

Record Events for Sat Oct 17, 2009 through Fri Oct 23, 2009
Total Records: 2682
Rainfall: 812
Snowfall: 72
High Temperatures: 152
Low Temperatures: 252
Lowest Max Temperatures: 1129
Highest Min Temperatures: 265

All-time October low recorded in Bavaria

Meteorologists on Tuesday morning recorded the lowest ever October temperature in Germany, as the mercury dipped to a chilly -24.3 degrees Celsius in Bavaria’s Berchtesgaden national park.

October Cold Snap Sets 82-Year Record

High On Tuesday Was Only 47 Degrees

October in Chicago is usually equal parts balmy T-shirt weather and nippy light jacket temperatures, but if it’s felt more like winter coat weather this year, it’s not your imagination. Chicago has spent the last 17 days with below-average temperatures, and a high of a mere 47 degrees made Tuesday the coldest Oct. 13 in 82 years, CBS 2’s Mary Kay Kleist says.

Comparing temperatures for the first 14 days of October 2008 to this year seems like comparing the tropics to the tundra.

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