Climate Gate – All the manipulations and lies revealed 33

The greatest scientific and political scandal in modern times continues to unravel. And media is starting to cover it more and more as the consequences is starting to sink in.

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December 1, 2009

Presetting outcomes of warming ‘debate’

By Anthony J. Sadar

Regardless of the ultimate impact of the exposed e-mails from the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit (CRU), numerous facts about the atmosphere surrounding climate change have always been apparent to the broad atmospheric-science community.

The raw CRU e-mails, however, indicate that the gatekeepers of climate knowledge have limited what the public has been allowed to know about climate change.

Three important facts that have been sidetracked by the venerated gatekeepers include:

c There has never been an established consensus among scientists that humans are causing long-term, global climate change.

c Climate models have always been rather crude, inaccurate tools for projecting the worldwide trends of an extremely complex climate system.

c Water, not carbon dioxide (CO2) or any other greenhouse gas, has always been the most significant climate regulator on Earth.

Regarding the ”consensus,” climate czar Carol Browner said she relies on those ”2,500 scientists” from the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to support her claim that human carbon emissions are likely pushing climate change.

But not all of the 2,500 are actually climate scientists. The IPCC group consists of a mix of scientists, bureaucrats and governmental representatives, many of whom seem bent on a power-grab agenda.

The thousands of non-IPCC scientists specializing in atmospheric and climate-related work have never been quizzed as to their confidence in the hypothesis that humans are substantially responsible for changing the global climate.

In addition, the official charge to the IPCC members is ”to assess on a comprehensive, objective, open and transparent basis the scientific, technical and socio-economic information relevant to understanding the scientific basis of risk of human-induced climate change, its potential impacts and options for adaptation and mitigation” [emphasis added]. Note the directive to be ”open and transparent.”

But, perhaps more important, the members are assigned the task of assessing ”human-induced” climate change, which implies such inducing already exists. In essence, members seemingly are expected to support the theme of human-induced climate change, not to investigate the existence of such change.

As for modeling, although terrific for research and understanding the dynamics of the atmosphere, climate models are rather crude, inaccurate tools for long-term climate predicting with any specificity. For instance, in the real world, complex elements such as clouds have a profound effect on regulating the Earth’s surface temperature. Yet clouds are inadequately represented by the computer models designed to simulate them.

That brings us to water in general as a key climate regulator. As stated in the past, the global atmospheric temperature is ”substantially controlled by water in all its forms, as invisible vapor in air, as liquid in oceans and clouds, and as solid ice crystals, snow cover and glaciers” (see, ”In global warming we trust,” The Washington Times’ Commentary pages Feb. 23). But, government regulation of water based on the tactic that it’s a dangerous pollutant is a more difficult sell than the CO2-is-bad-for-polar-bears ruse. Besides, the claim that ”CO2 is causing global warming” is itself a rather shallow proposition.

Deep ice core records going back hundreds of thousands of years show that global temperature increases lead global CO2 increases – that is, temperature goes up first followed by a rise in CO2. Surely such evidence should put the brakes on climate hysteria.

Despite good scientific reason to be skeptical of official pronouncements on climate change, the CRU e-mail revelation certainly sheds more light on climate-science machinations. But, let’s face it, the train hauling cargo boldly labeled ”Humans are Causing Long-term Climate Change” has long-ago departed the station – and now it is heading full-throttle to the next stop in Copenhagen.

Though it’s too late to flag the train before it pulls into the depot, at least the public is probably beginning to realize the train’s boldly labeled containers may in fact be empty.

Anthony J. Sadar is a certified consulting meteorologist and co-author of ”Environmental Risk Communication: Principles and Practices for Industry” (CRC Press/Lewis Publishers, 2000

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2 svar to “Climate Gate – All the manipulations and lies revealed 33”

  1. Olle Says:


    Im sitting in Stockholm Sweden.We have probably the least free press here in competition with North Korea and Cuba.We have to organize a new political movement as a balance to this new ”enviromental” fachism that has taken the back dooor in to democracy.We have toghether fight thees political fachist byrocrats that has infiltred both our political parties and the UN. We have to fight for the integrety and independence of science. We have to fight against the political korruption of science.

    we have seen Kommunism Nazism socilalism Islamism Fachism and even christianity act according to the sam concept.”Salvation” if we follow the leaders against the formulated ”enemy”.They degrade our freedom and independence to obay their rules.

    Now the first chapter in the enviromental fachist bibel the AGW chapter turns out to be manilulations and propaganda.Created by thier own korrupted ”scientist”.In copenhagen thier totally hybris really think that enviromental fascism can regulate the global temperature.Obviously they totally lost contakt with mother earth andf probably because they hevent had any opposition getting there. No one dared to critize them.

    But now they have finnally been discloused.And they would never got this power and influnce if they hadnt had the korrupted science to lean on. Thank god for intellectual honest people lika Mcintyre that from his integrity is able to fight for right and wrong.We also have a bundle of Swedish scientist that now finally has stept forward to take stand aganst the fachist propaganda.Proffessor Karlen and Nordin are two of the leading critics of the AGW teori and has taken a lot of beat by thier honesty.Is there any party or movement going on in the states??
    We have to build a worldwide countermovement against korruption and secure that even enviromental issues is to be recaptured from tha fachist back into demokracy and free independent science.

    • sophiaalbertina Says:


      What has always baffled me is this Obsession from the Global Warming Hysterics in what MIGHT HAPPEN in a100 years. And their TOTAL indifference to some REAL environmental problems where people are actually dying here and now.

      But they couldn’t care less about these people.

      And if we spend ONLY A SMALL FRACTION of these ENORMOUS SUMS that is going in to this Global Warming hoax we could actually SOLVE these problems.

      But as I said, they don’t care. They (the so called “scientists” and politicians) are literally letting people die here and now so that they can ram through this Global Warming hysteria. It’s sickening.

      It has also amazed me that all these good people how care about the environment and REALproblems, have allowed this question to be hijacked by these swindlers and charlatans

      Because they have a political agenda. That’s why they don’t really care about the environment.

      Is there any party or movement going on in the states?? Well there is a lot going on the local level which of course is NOT reported in the mainstream media. The problem up till now has been to get some action on the national level.


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