Climate Gate – All the manipulations and lies revealed 141

I have written extensively about the unreliability of these computer models and their ”predictions”. And remember it’s upon these models that the WHOLE Global Warming Hysteria is based.

These climate models who cannot predict the weather 2 weeks from now, or how the weather was 2 weeks ago.

And these are the models they want us to believe that they can “predict” the temperature within a tenth of a degree in 100 YEARS!

Our “intelligent” politicians continue in an accelerated speed to deindustrialize America and Europe. And to sacrifice our freedom, wealth and economic living standard and spend trillions of dollars of OUR money to “fight” this PREDICTED rise of temperature by these totally unreliably Computer Models.

Here are is another example from two of these models (Hadley and Canadian). Who cannot agree on ANYTHING EVEN if the area covered is just a small one compared to the global scale THEY SAY THAT THEY CAN ACCURATELY “PREDICT”.

Se my posts:

Figure 16: A result from the U.S. National Assessment of Climate Change [NACC 2000]: Expected precipitation for 18 regions of the United States, according to the Hadley model and Canadian model. Note the huge differences between the two model results in magnitude and even in sign. For example, the Dakotas (Souris – Red – Rainy) can turn either into a swamp or into a desert, depending on which climate model is used.

Page 25

                    Click on the graph for larger image

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