Climate Gate – All the manipulations and lies revealed 171

An update to my post Climate Gate – All the manipulations and lies revealed 154 and more onThe BBC and their betrayal of their journalistic role.

I also included a comment to this post which is very much to the point i.e. that the Global Warming Hysterics, when it’s suits them, use local weather phenomena to promote the global scare as a “proof” of man made global warming.


>> Friday, January 01, 2010

On Monday, I posted about BBC The World editor Peter Thomson, who it turns out, is secretary of the fervent climate change group the Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ). What actually does this mean? Well for starters, according to the SEJ website, he’s very keen on pushing, as well as his own organisation’s climate change guide, another publication that seeks to influence and underpin journalists everywhere. It’s called the CRED Guide: The Psychology of Climate Change Communication, published by the Center for Research on Environmental Decisions at Columbia University. CRED was established back in 2004 with a grant from the US National Science Foundation (another fervent warmist institution). Its master work is a truly terrifying document in terms of its ambitions in brainwashing and the patronising way it regards the public and – especially – non-believers in their religion.

For example, let’s start with how CRED suggests dealing with non-believers. It found that, stubbornly, despite the barrage of AGW publicity, people in the US are not convinced that it is something that affects them. So here’s what to do:

To counteract this problem, an effective communicator should highlight the current impacts of climate change on regions within the US. Research suggests that it may be more effective to frame climate change with local examples in addition to national examples. For example, references to droughts in the Southwest may resonate more with US audiences than talking about droughts in Africa. Similarly, climate change becomes a more personal threat to a New Yorker when hearing how New York City’s subway system will suffer as the result of a rise in sea level compared to hearing about the effect of a sea level rise in Bangladesh.

In effect, let’s make it up, never let the facts get in the way of a good story, and let’s scare them all to death. Note, especially, the scientific nonsense: the chance of the New York subway being inundated on current evidence of sea level rises is next to zero.

CRED’s pearls of wisdom continue:

Because such extreme weather events are vivid, dramatic,and easily understood, especially to the locals who suffer through them, they provide effective frames for the potential impacts of future climate change. The numerous examples of extreme events that may occur in a given year provide recurring “teachable moments” communicators can use to relate climate change to the experience of a local audience.

I’d love to go on. The whole publication is shot through with such alarmist, non-scientific nonsense. It truly is a textbook in propaganda. But this is a platform where brevity counts, so I will leave it there and recommend you to read it.

So what does that tell us about Peter Thomson? Presumably, as SEJ secretary, he practises what he preaches and is engaged in a crusade within the BBC and on a wider stage to implement what CRED suggests. That’s why people in general take office in such organisations. In so doing, Mr Thomson, I would submit, is acting well outside the normal accepted rules of conflict of interest. There is no consensus on ”climate change’ yet he is pushing very hard that there is, and not only that, actively conspiring to persuade journalists throughout the world to say that there is.

The evidence of his campaign is not hard to find, it’s there in the deluge of ‘climate change’ claptrap that pours out of the BBC every single hour. Such as this New Year’s Eve propaganda-fest from our friend Richard Black in which he assesses (or rather, reflects gloomily about) the way forward after Copenhagen.

We know from the Harmless Sky blog that the BBC long since took a high-level decision to support the ideas of the kind advocated by CRED. Is that the result of the work of Mr Thomson and his ilk?

On that rather sobering note, I wish all Biased-BBC readers who wade through our postings a Happy New Year!


Jack Bauer

it may be more effective to frame climate change with local examples in addition to national examples. For example, references to droughts in the Southwest may resonate more with US audiences than talking about droughts in Africa

So the Warm Mongering Thompson WANTS to use transient ”weather” patterns to ”prove” a whole planet climate scare on man-made Global Warming

 Oh — but how about the RECORD FRACKIN’ COLD WEATHER?? Ah, well, that’s to be ignored. Or better still, cold weather also = man-made global warming. 

It’s cold? Global warming. It’s hot? Global warming. It’s wet? Global warming. It’s dry? Global warming. Indigestion? Global warming

These people aree truly NUTS. And not just because they are pushing their lies, but because they seriously expect people to ignore the evidence of their own eyes and believe a non-science clown like Peter Thompson

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