Climate Gate – All the manipulations and lies revealed 193

Just a Global Warming Appetizer to remind us all that according to the high priest of Global Warming Hysteria we had “ONLY” 4 months to save the planet from catastrophic warming (and that was 2 months ago).

“Arctic freeze and snow wreak havoc across the planet”

The Times

And it’s just a small roundup:

December was coldest month in 28 years

PAMELA NEWENHAM Last month was the coldest December for almost 30 years over most of the country, Met Éireann has said.

In its monthly summary, the forecaster said December was the coldest month for 28 years for most of the country and the coldest of any month since February 1986 at a few stations.

Snowfall in St. Petersburg breaks 130-year record

RIA Novosti.  Alexey Danichev

The snow began to fall slowly but steadily on Russia’s northern capital, St. Petersburg, a week ago. Local residents were surprised as there has been no snowfall like this for nearly 130 years and in recent years they have hardly seen any snow at all on New Year’s.

Seoul Buried In Heaviest Snowfall In 70 Years

The snowfall, which continued through Monday afternoon, was the heaviest in a single day since Korea began conducting meteorological surveys in 1937, the state weather agency said

Beijing also was digging out Monday from a weekend winter storm.

More than 3 inches (7.6 centimeters) of snow accumulated in the city center Sunday, according to China’s National Meteorological Center. State media called it the highest snowfall in the capital in a single day in January since 1951. Upward of 8 inches (20 centimeters) was recorded in the suburbs of Changping near the Great Wall of China.

Heavy snow causes chaos in N. China

Beijing faces lowest temperature in half a century; schools closed today

The heaviest snow to hit North China in decades caused widespread chaos on roads and left tens of thousands of passengers stranded at airports yesterday – but worse is forecast for today and tomorrow.

Temperatures are forecast to drop to -16 C in Beijing, the lowest in half a century, when work resumes after a three-day New Year holiday.

Britain facing one of the coldest winters in 100 years, experts predict

Britain is bracing itself for one of the coldest winters for a century with temperatures hitting minus 16 degrees Celsius, forecasters have warned.

Weather patterns were more like those in the late 1970s, experts said, while Met Office figures released on Monday are expected to show that the country is experiencing the coldest winter for up to 25 years.

On New Year’s Day 10 extreme weather warnings were in place, with heavy snow expected in northern England and Scotland.

Paul Michaelwaite, forecaster for, said: “It is looking like this winter could be in the top 20 cold winters in the last 100 years.

Cold weather brings freeze warnings and potential for brush fires


In case you haven’t stepped outside, here’s a news flash. It’s cold, people.

Temperatures will be 15 to 20 degrees colder than they usually are this time of year through Monday, according to the National Weather Service. And freeze warnings were posted for most of the Tampa Bay region Saturday night. Dry air coupled with high winds have also heightened a brush fire threat.

A mass of cold air called scary technical words like ”arctic” and ”high pressure” has swept from Canada to Florida.

U.S. East Coast Faces Deep Freeze; Florida Oranges Threatened

By Dan Hart

Jan. 2 (Bloomberg) — The U.S. East Coast faces the coldest night of the season as frigid air spills south and threatens agriculture in Georgia, Alabama and the orange crop in Florida.

Freeze warnings were posted by the National Weather Service as far south as the Orlando area, which may be as many as 20 degrees below normal tonight, the National Weather Service said. The advisory alerts growers that subfreezing temperatures are imminent and may kill crops or other sensitive vegetation.

Jacksonville, Florida, may see a record low tonight, Keefe said. The Miami area will see temperatures 12 degrees to 13 degrees below normal for this time of year, Keefe said.

String of frigid days in Columbia could set a record

COLUMBIA — The cold weather gripping Columbia isn’t going anywhere, according to the National Weather Service.

More snow is expected later this week, and sub-freezing temperatures are forecast for Columbia through early next week. If Columbia doesn’t warm up to more than 20 degrees by Wednesday, this winter will make the list of worst cold snaps in Columbia history.

The National Weather Service predicts temperatures will stay below 20 degrees through Saturday, which would be the ninth day of temperatures that low. A streak that long hasn’t happened since 1983.

Kentucky, Tennessee In A Deep Freeze

Temperatures were 15 to 20 degrees below normal Monday in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Schoolchildren and workers who headed back to the grind after the holiday season in Kentucky and Tennessee are expected to face a week of frigid temperatures and snow.

Record low temperatures hit state

Subzero temperatures have been the norm across the state.

Iowans are returning to school and work after a holiday weekend of sub-zero temperatures. Meteorologist Miles Schumacher, at the National Weather Service, says several low temperature records were broken over the weekend, including Atlantic with 29-below this morning, though other places were even more frigid.

Schumacher says, “The coldest that we saw was in the Spencer-Estherville area on Saturday morning with temperatures dropping as low as 37-below and that was within a degree of the coldest in the whole United States.”

Vermont city gets record snowfall, 32.5 inches

The Saturday-Sunday storm eclipsed the previous record, the Christmas blizzard of 1969 that dropped 29.8 inches on the city.

Arctic freeze and snow wreak havoc across the planet

Arctic air and record snow falls gripped the northern hemisphere yesterday, inflicting hardship and havoc from China, across Russia to Western Europe and over the US plains.

There were few precedents for the global sweep of extreme cold and ice that killed dozens in India, paralysed life in Beijing and threatened the Florida orange crop. Chicagoans sheltered from a potentially killer freeze, Paris endured sunny Siberian cold, Italy dug itself out of snowdrifts and Poland counted at least 13 deaths in record low temperatures of about minus 25C (-13F).

The heaviest snow yesterday hit northeastern Asia, which is suffering its worst winter weather for 60 years. More than 25 centimetres (10in) of snow covered Seoul, the South Korean capital — the heaviest fall since records began in 1937.

In China, Beijing and the nearby port city of Tianjin had the deepest snow since 1951, with falls of up to 8in and temperatures of minus 10C. In the far north of China, the temperature fell to minus 32C. More than two million Beijing and Tianjin pupils were sent home and 1,200 flights were delayed or cancelled at Beijing’s international airport.

The same far-eastern weather system took its toll of Sakhalin, the Russian island off Siberia, which was hit by blizzards and avalanches. Farther west, in northern and eastern India, more than 60 people, mainly homeless, died of exposure. Thousands of schools were closed. In Uttar Pradesh, the state neighbouring Nepal, the authorities spent £1.3 million on blankets and firewood for needy households.

Western Russia suffered a deep freeze as snow swept across the Baltic and north-central Europe, leaving the worst devastation in Poland, where 13 people died, bringing the toll from the cold this winter to 122.

In Italy, emergency services struggled with rare cold and ice. Motorways in the northeast were closed and military helicopters were sent to Sicily with medical aid.

In the United States, heavy snow fell again on the northeast.

The icy conditions of Western Europe, which broke records in half a dozen countries in December, are expected to last for at least another week.

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