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And more on Pachauri , head of IPCC, and his business empire – Sorry, it should officially be a “Non Profit Charity Organization”.

Pachauri: TERI-Europe – the enigma (Part 4)

Posted by Richard Tuesday, January 05, 2010

As we left if with our last piece, we were looking Dr R K Pauchauri’s London enterprise, by the name of TERI Europe. Headquartered at 27 Albert Grove, Merton (pictured), it is a registered charity which declared to the Charity Commissioner a total of £24,000 (exactly) income for the three trading years ending in 2008, with an income of exactly £16,100.

Yet this is also an organisation which took a contribution of £30,417 from DEFRA in that period, which exceeds the total income for a period of three years, against a high level of operational activity and additional, ”generous support” from the Global Opportunities Fund of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Exact information on income, however, remains frustratingly – if predictably – difficult to obtain and although we have written to TERI Europe director (and company secretary) Ritu Kumar, asking for further details of their accounts, we have yet to receive a reponse.

In this fourth piece on TERI-Europe, therefore, what we are doing is building a picture of the operations of TERI-Europe by which means we aim to show that the level of activity could not possibly be supported by the declared income and expenses and therefore, as an entirely reasonable assumption, that details of the accounts have been wrongfully (and illegally) concealed.

Unusually, I am not posting this as a completed work but as a running post, to which I will progressively put up the information I have and then add to it as more comes in, and further details become available, building up the dossier on-line. So far, I have identified well over 30 specific activities/projects, the first ten of which – not in any particular date order – are posted now, with more going up later.

1. Global Commons Institute in London

Creation on 24 of December 1999 of an organisation with the informal title, ”The Global Commons Network” (GCN). Ritu Kumar involved.

2. EPTSD Dialogue Report: Promoting Sustainable Trade in Textiles and Clothing.

Published on 24-25 January 2002 by WWF. Contribution by Teri Europe.

3. The Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (MCII)

Initiated by Munich Re in April 2005 in response to the growing realization that insurance solutions can play a role in adaptation to climate change. TERI Europe is a founder member.

4. Working Group on Climate Change and Development :

Grpup formed involving: ActionAid International, Christian Aid, Columban Faith and Justice, IDS (Institute of Development Studies), ITDG (Intermediate Technology Development Group), IIED (International Institute for Environment and Development), Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, nef (new economics foundation), Operation Noah, Oxfam, People & Planet, RSPB, Tearfund, TER Europe, WWF, WaterAid and World Vision.

5. Report: Up in Smoke?

Foreword by R K Pachauri and participation by TERI Europe.

6. Conference: ”Investing in the Future: a European Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility and the Finance Sector”, attended by Dr Ritu Kumar and
Ms Rochelle Mortier. 1 & 2 December 2005, Riverbank Park Plaza, London

7. EU Parliament Report: Climate Change and India: Impacts, Policy Responses and a Framework for EU-India Cooperation

Completed in January 2008 by Dr Ritu Kumar

8. Sustainable building design: strengthening capacities for planning and implementation

As part of the EU-funded Asia Urbs programme, TERI-Europe was engaged in a project aimed at improving urban environment through the introduction of sustainability measures in building design.

The project was jointly implemented by RENUE (Renewable Energy for the Urban Environment) in the UK, ICAEN (Institut Catalana d’ Energia) in Barcelona, Spain, TERI, Delhi, India, and the Haryana Energy Development Agency, India.

The project aimed at exchanging advice and good practices between the EU (European Union) and India to assist the local authority in Gurgaon to formulate urban development strategies and develop sustainable building design plans.

9. Facilitating sustainable trade in the textile and clothing sector

TERI-Europe completed a comprehensive review of environmental and social requirements faced by textile and clothing exporters, exporting to the EU. This information has been compiled in a CD Rom, which contains a database on environmental and social requirements for the textile and clothing sector and provides exporters with a ready tool to access information on technologies, retail sources, and trade links.

The scheme included pilot demonstrations on management of supply chains, as well as adherence to environmental, social, and trade regulations, which were conducted in two factories each in Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka.

Sponsored jointly by the EU and the Commonwealth Science Council.

10. Asia Eco-Design Electronics(AEDE)

TERI Europe is a major partner in this project. Amongst other activities, on 5 December 2006 Ritu Kumar moderated a panel discussion at the Hotel Silken 11–19 Boulevard Charlemagne, Belaymont, Brussels, Belgium.

AEDE is funded by the European Union as part of the Asia-Pro Eco Programme. The overall goal is to assist the Asian electronics and electrical suppliers to meet the challenges of existing and forthcoming EC and Japanese product-related environmental legislation and emerging CSR developments.

So far, so good. More to follow.

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