Climate Gate – All the manipulations and lies revealed 225

As an update to my previous post which in more detail goes through how 1934 was eliminated as the warmest year and replaced with 1998.

Surprise Surprise!

And notice that ALL the adjustments are in the same direction.

Hmm I wonder why??

The email is here:


The UK CRU version of Climategate centered around whether the 1990’s were warmer than any time in the past 1000 years. The US GISS version could be about whether 1998 was warmer than 1934!

It seems the temperature readings were adjusted six times after analysis in July 1999 indicated that the temperature anomaly for 1934 was nearly 60% higher than for 1998. See the above graphic for how GISS adjusted 1934 down and 1998 up until 1998 was warmer than 1934 (the January 2007 analysis) or at least virtually indistinguishable (the March and August 2007 analyses).

In the UK CRU case, the Medieval Warm Period vanished to present a ”nice tidy story”. In the US GISS case, a nearly 60% temperature anomaly difference vanished to show that 1998 was as warm as 1934! Are these guys serious scientists or just skilled magicians?

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) can be a wonderful thing. According to WattsUpWithThat, a FOIA request by Judicial Watch has landed 215 pages of GISS emails related to errors in handling temperature data from 2000 to 2006 that overstated the temperature increase during that period.

One of the emails [see below – click image for larger version] reveals the details of the seven different sets of numbers calculated by GISS researchers. It appears to me that they were under pressure to make 1998 the warmest year in the 150 years good thermometer readings have been available.

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