Climate Gate – All the manipulations and lies revealed 306

And now it’s Scandinaviagate–scandinavia-gate–123.php

Scandinavian temperatures, IPCC´s ”Scandinavia-gate”

by Frank Lansner

Scandinavian Temperatures 1900 – 2000, IPCC´s Scandinavia-gate

In recent years the Swedish scientist from Stockholm University, Karlén,  has tried to create attention to the fact the Scandinavian temperatures when represented by IPCC cannot be recognized in the real data from the Scandinavian temperature stations:

Left: Karlen made a plot of 25 data series from the NordKlim database.
Right: IPCC´s temperature graph for the area does not reflect the actual Scandinavnian temperature graphs.
IPCC shows temperatures around year 2000 should be approximately 0,7 K higher than the peak around 1930-50, whereas the actual data collected by Karlen shows that year 2000 temperatures equals the 1930-50 peak, perhaps even lower.
Was Karlen wrong? To evaluate this, lets check out the National meteorological institues of the respective Scandinavian countries:

Only Denmark shows slightly higher temperatures around year 2000 than in year 1930-50. 0,1 – 0,3 K warmer? However, the Danish Area around  3% of the overall area. For the vast majority of the Scandinavian area shows year 2000 temperatures just like the 1930-40 peak, Sweden maybe a tiny fall, Norway a tiny increase. Denmark is also the area of Scandinavia with far highest population density, and thus Denmark is likely to show more City heat effects (UHI) than the rest of Scandinavia.

So, With good confidence, we can say that Karlens data from Nordklim matches the opinions of the highest authority on Scandinavian temperatures. The very significant temperature peak around 1930-40 has been reduced almost removed totally. And thus the decline in temperatures after 1940 has been hidden. “Why?” and “How?”  IPCC did this is basically up to the IPCC to come forward and explain. Until this happends, their vision of Scandinavian temperatures are for their own use only.

How about Sea temperatures in the Scandinavian are? Could IPCC have based their view on SST? No, because the graphic from IPCC is specifically land temperatures. But lets take a look at temperatures from Scandinavian Islands that to some degree also represents Sea temperatures – and due to their lower populations are more free of any potential City heat (UHI). Here data fom SMHI:

Scandinavian Ocean temperatures indicated from Iceland, Jan Mayen and Faroe Islands actually shows a clear pattern of lower temperatures in year 2000 than in around 1930-40. So never mind how we look at it, no shred of evidence to support the IPCC hockey-stick like warming over Scandinavia. And in general we see: The further from population, the cooler temperature trends.

I found on the net temperature data from Kategat and the north sea (“Skagerak”). This ocean area is placed in the most populated area of Scandinavia, but still, no measurements where taken in cities, obviosusly:

Again, no IPCC-warming here either. (
For Finland I also found these data, which definitely shows colder year 2000 than 1940:

Finally, Danish temperatures are also available with trend line from DMI:

Taken from:  – Black decline trend inserted by me.
Somehow, this graphic manages to wipe out the decline after 1935 with a seemingly handmade blue trendline. The blue “trend” graph around 1930-50 shows just a tiny top. Such a trendline could be made by using a middle tempeature for a long period, 50 years? Im just not sure how you can draw a 50-year-average trendline and still draw this trendline up and include the last year of data, 2004? They cannot know what a 50 year average for 2004  is, obviously, so this graph appears to…  hide the decline.
Post scriptum:
Scandinavian temperatures 1900 – 2000 cleaned from trend lines. Still no sign of global warming in Scandinavia.

Thanks for reading, Frank Lansner & Nicolai Skjoldby
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