A Nice Global Warming Summer PLEASE!! I have had enough of this cooling!


The summer is finally here after, again, being a cold winter and “spring”. Isn’t it “lovely” with this “accelerated warming” that sorry to say is not going on?

I want to wish every one of you a warm, in the name of Global Warming Hysteria, and nice summer. It will also mean that I will write less and more sporadic posts.

But you have 1163 posts and 2539 comments to go through at your leisure.

This is what I wrote over four years ago:

”I’m hopeful, the wind has turned and the Global Warming Hysterics are on the defensive. It is particularly noticeable inEuropewhere people have finally realized the insanity of these gigantic sums of money that will be squandered on nonsense action. And that will ruin the common people and national economies.

Please note that they are still talking as if nothing has happened but behind the scenes there has been a 180 degree change of course in many countries. Because no one will officially acknowledge this overall shift, instead they will continue to tell you that they have ”adapted” the policies to the prevailing circumstances, etc. Or other euphemisms.

It is only our “intelligent” Swedish politicians, plus the media, who have not understood it yet. And they are still relentlessly pushing this agenda and harping on us to take the lead and be a world leader in terms of restrictions on CO2.

It’s just that if you take the lead, you must have some following, too. And the last two months the crowd behind them has thinned considerably. And it becomes thinner by the day.

The biggest scientific and political scandal in modern times is on track to be exposed and derailed. And I would like to thank you other bloggers who have participated tirelessly in this fight for science and truth. We actually make a difference, even if it does not seem to go so fast sometimes. ”

And you can only note that this trend has continued and accelerated, and that it is now very obvious to the average person how little of truth and science the Global Warming Hysteria have

It is now only our “intelligent” politicians and mass media that still pretends that nothing has happened, and repeat their learned mantras like a drunken parrot. You know that Monte Phyton sketch. Because they have so much vested interest in this scam.

And by the way, it’s the same “intelligent” political elites that are responsible for the current crisis in the EU and the U.S.

Nice work wouldn’t you say! Especially sine the common people have to pay twice for this folly.

Thank you for that double whammy courtesy of “our” elected “representatives”.

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