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Recent 9 Months U.S. Temperature trend/decade: 1.5 F Warmer in 100 years

10 oktober, 2012

And the cooling continues. Sorry – I mean that Global Warming is an imminent treat to humankind.

As a complement to my previous post September U.S. Temperature trend/decade: 3.2 F Warmer in 100 years, I thought it also would be interesting to look at the recent 9 months (year to date, January- September) US temperature from a “historic” perspective since we now have a whole year of official data. To see how the decade trends have evolved during the last 112 years.

Especially to see how the decade trends have evolved during the last 42 years. The period that according to the Global Warming Hysterics and computer models they worship should show a steady and accelerated increase in temperature.

I don’t know about you, but I consider a 9 month, a year by year consecutive trend 112 years long to be a “quit good” indicator.

And as I always point out:

Remember, these are the official figures. With the poor placement of stations (91 % of the stations are CRN 3 to 5 = bad to very poor); where they have purposely taken away the urban heat island effect, use huge smoothing radius, the historical “adjustment and tweaking” to cool the past etc.

Not to mention the great slaughter of GHCN stations 1990-1993 – roughly 63 % of all stations were “dropped”. Oddly enough many of them in cold places – Hmmm? Now the number of GHCN stations is back at the same numbers as in 1890.

Also remember that the US stations are now nearly a third of the all GHCN world stations.

And some more glaring official change and CONSTANT manipulation of “HISTORICAL” temperature data.

“The graph below shows historical data sets from the NASA-GISS website as published in 2009 and in 2012. The manipulation is obvious. The larger temperature trend is more to the liking of the climate alarmists.”

In the U.S., the warmest decade was the 1930s and the warmest year was 1934. And this is how that was erased between 1999 and 2011.



So here are the trends:

US temperature recent 9 months (Jan- Sep) 1900-2012

The trend for 1900 to 2012 is 0.14 F / Decade

US temperature recent 9 months (Jan- Sep) 1970-2012

The trend for 1970 to 2012 is 0.54 F / Decade

US temperature recent 9 months (Jan- Sep) 1980-2012

The trend for 1980 to 2012 is 0.46 F / Decade

US temperature recent 9 months (Jan- Sep) 1990-2012

The trend for 1990 to 2012 is 0.42 F / Decade

US temperature recent 9 months (Jan- Sep) 2000-2012

The trend for 2000 to 2012 is 0.15 F / Decade

And as I said in the beginningalways remember that these figures are based on the official data that has been tweaked, “adjusted” and manipulated to fit their agenda (cool the past, ignore UHI and land use change factors, huge smoothing radius – 1200km etc.)..

Do you notice the “accelerated warming” trend from 1970-2012 to 2000-2012??

So the “warming trend” 2000-2012 is exactly 0.15 F (0.08 C) degrees warmer a decade.  That is a whopping 1.5 F (0.8 C)  warmer in 100 years.

And this is also the decade that the Global Warming Hysterics have been screaming at the top of their lungs, trying to scare us to death, about the catastrophic treat that the “extreme increase” in temperature is to mankind and earth.

This is a perfect example of what I have been saying all along, it has always been a political agenda – anti human, anti freedom, anti development and anti capitalism. And this Global Warming Hysteria is part of that agenda. It has nothing to do with science, facts or saving the environment or the Earth.

All of this, as always, paid by us, the common people, in the form of taxes, high energy costs and reducing our living standard back to the Stone Age.

And all of this to “save” the Earth from a “catastrophic warming” when it is actually cooling.

And the most absurd thing is that all the things that the “intelligent” politicians and the so called “scientists”, with the willing help of mainstream media, have forced through at EXTREME cost to us, are actually helping to accelerate the cooling.

Talking about an eminent treat to humankind!

According to the computer models that the Global Warming Hysterics love so much, worship and blindly follows (especially our intelligent politicians), it should be EXACTLY the opposite.

And we are supposed to be very worried about a predicted rise but not this ACTUAL trend?

And for this predicted trend the politicians want to take our societies back to the Stone Age. But, as usual, they DO NOTHING about the actual trend.

So to summarize this evidence of this “accelerated warming” trend:

The recent 9 months trend 1970-2012 is exactly 0.54 F degrees a decade.

The recent 9 months trend 1980-2012 is exactly 0.46 F degrees a decade.

The recent 9 months trend 1990-2012 is exactly0.42 F degrees a decade.

The recent 9 months trend 2000-2012 is exactly 0.15 F (0.08 C) degrees a decade.

So the “warming” trend is really accelerating wouldn’t you say.

Some more “rapid warming” like this and the freezer looks really warm.

Another brilliant and glorious example of RAPID WARMING and an eminent treat to humankind! Especially during the last 42 years.

That is truly “Global Warming” US style.

An interesting ”science” wouldn’t you say.

This is the “stuff” that “Global Warming” is made of.

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