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The Hijacking of the Endangered Species Act – Dessa isbjörnar igen!

3 april, 2008

Som en komplement till min tidigare inlägg om isbjörnar (Dessa Isbjörnar igen!, ”The report of our extinction was an exaggeration.”) kommer här en  kommentar från Senator John Barrasso, Wyoming (sitter bl.a. med i senatens ”the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources”) om hur Global Warming Hysterikerna utnyttjar isbjörnsfrågan för helt andra syften.

Genom kopplingen till Global Warming så kan man i praktiken stänga ner en delstat med hänvisning till att man vill ”skydda isbjörnarna”.

Det verkar väl helt rimligt att för att skydda en djurart som är STÖRRE än någonsin, där isen växer så det knakar etc. så kan man stänga ner en hel landsdel BARA för att det rör sig om ”Global Warming”.

Det är väl helt rimliga proportioner att man förstör ekonomin för 515 000 personer för att rädda 0 isbjörnar. Dessa Global Warming vänner ÄR SÅÅÅ människovänliga!

(Tänk om vi kunde stänga ner säg Skåne för att skydda säg järven i Norrland, då börjar det likna något!)

Uttalandet finns här:

The Hijacking of the Endangered Species Act: Barrasso

April 2, 2008

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator John Barrasso , R-Wyo., took aim at attempts to list the polar bear as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) during an Environment and Public Works Committee hearing.

This is a hijacking of the Endangered Species Act for political purposes,” Barrasso said. ”It is not just about the polar bear.”

Some claim that global warming is leading to the demise of polar bears. If the polar bear is listed as threatened, anything thought to contribute to global warming could be shut down – even in Wyoming .

”We are all concerned about protecting the environment,” Barrasso said. ”If the polar bear is listed, the ESA will become a climate change law.”

The consequences of listing the polar bear as a threatened species, and linking it to climate change, would be utterly devastating. There would be no area of the economy left untouched.”

Virtually every human activity that involves the release of carbon into the atmosphere would be regulated by the federal government. Cities could be sued for not restricting vehicles within the city limits.

An environmental group, the Center for Biodiversity has stated that ”… the polar bear listing could mean that all U.S. industries emitting large quantities of greenhouse gasses – and requiring a federal permit to do so – will come under the purview of the Endangered Species Act.”

When I see special interest groups using the polar bear as an excuse to shut down traditional energy sources, I am more than skeptical about their real concern for the bear,” Barrasso concluded.

Bill Horn, former Assistant Secretary of Interior for Fish, Wildlife, and Parks, agreed that under this proposal, Wyoming could be sued for allowing too many vehicles to travel to Jackson Hole or Yellowstone .

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