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List of Gazprom’s huge empire of subsidiaries – Part 2

20 augusti, 2008

Som en fortsättning på mitt tidigare inlägg ”List of Gazprom’s huge empire of subsidiaries – Part 1” kommer här den lista över alla dotterbolag som jätten Gazprom helt eller ”delvis” kontrollerar.  Samt en lista över EN DEL av dessa dotterbolag per land.


Armrosgazprom (58%)


ARosgas Holding AG (100%) – Gas marketing[2]

Centrex Europe Energy & Gas AG (100%) – owned through Gazprombank[3]

GHW (50%)- a joint venture with OMV for gas trading

Sibneft Oil Trade GmbH (100%) – an oil trading company owned through Gazprom Neft[2]

ZGG-Zarubezhgazneftechim Trading GmbH (100%) – a gas trading company[2]

ZMB Gasspeicher Holding GmbH (66.67%) – 33.3% owned by Centrex Europe Energy & Gas AG[4]


Belgazprombank (50%)

Beltransgaz (25%, will increase to 50% by 2009)


Topenergo (100%) – gas trading and transport

Overgas Inc. AD (50%) – a joint-venture with Overgas Holding AD for the gas trading

Cayman Islands

ZGG Cayman Holding Ltd. (100%) – investment company[2]

ZGG Cayman Ltd (100%) – investment company[2]


Ecofran Marketing Consulting & Communication Services Company Limited

GASEXCO Gas Exploration Company Ltd.

Greatham Overseas Limited

Private Company Limited by Shares GPBI (Cyprus) Ltd.

Leadville Investments Ltd (100%) – investment company

MF Media Finance (Overseas) Limited

Odex Exploration Ltd. (20%) – 0il exploration[2]

NTV World Ltd. – media company

Siritia Ventures Ltd. – investment company

Czech Republic

Gas-Invest S.A. (37.5%)

Vemex s.r.o. (33%)


Eesti Gaas AS (37.02%)


Gasum Oy (25%)


Frangaz (50%) – a joint venture with Gaz de France


Agrogaz GmbH (100%)

Centrex Beteiligungs GmbH (38%) – gas trading and investment company

Ditgaz (49%)

Verbundnetz Gas (5.3%) – gas transportation and marketing

Gazprom Germania GmbH (100%)

Wingas GmbH (50%) – a joint venture with Wintershall, the subsidiary of BASF, for a gas transportation and storage

Wintershall Erdgas Handelshaus GmbH & Co. KG (50%) – a joint venture with Wintershall for gas trading

ZMB GmbH (100%) – gas trading

ZMB Mobil (100%)- gas-fuelled automobile technology

НТВ Europa GmbH[2]


Bleakend Holdings Limited


Prometheus Gas (50%) – a joint company with Copelouzos Group


Panrusgas Rt (40%) – a joint venture with MOL for trading and transport[2]

Borsodchem (25%) – petrochemicals

TVK (13.5%)

DKG-EAST Co (38.1%) – oil and gas equipment manufacturing

Gazkomplekt KFT

NTV Hungary Commercial Limited Liability Company[2]


GPB Finance Plc. – investment company


N.T.V. Global Network (Israel) Ltd.


Volta SpA (49%) – a joint venture with Edison S.p.A.

Promgas (50%) – a joint venture with ENI

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