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Gott Nytt ÅR! – Happy New Year!

31 december, 2011

Vill ta tillfället i akt att önska alla mina läsare ett riktigt Gott Nytt År! Framförallt i dessa tider med kyla och snö. Förlåt, jag menar förstås detta strålande exempel på Global Warming.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers a Happy New Year! Especially in these cold and snowy days. Sorry, I mean of course these glorious Global Warming days.

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Britain – A perfect example of how politicians Global Warming Hysteria kill their own people, especially the poor.

20 oktober, 2011

Or as Tom Nelson so aptly puts it:

“Insanity in Britain: With people dying from the cold because they can’t afford enough home heating, the government is deliberately raising heating costs in an attempt to make it slightly colder outside.”

And remember, this policy IS DONE ON PURPOSE! Even as the temperature is cooling.

And, as I have sad on so many occasions, it is we the common people who have to pay the gigantic price, now literally, for this anti human madness

This is another perfect example of what I have been saying all along, it has always been a political agenda – anti human, anti freedom, anti development and anti capitalism. And this Global Warming Hysteria is part of that agenda. It has nothing to do with science, facts or saving the environment or the Earth.

All of this, as always, paid by us, the common people, in the form of taxes, high energy costs and reducing our living standard back to the Stone Age.

And now these policies, and there INTENDED effects, are actually killing their own people.

And all of this to “save” the Earth from a “catastrophic warming” when it is actually cooling.

And the most absurd thing is that all the things that the “intelligent” politicians and the so called “scientists”, with the willing help of mainstream media, have forced through at EXTREME cost to us, are actually helping to accelerate the cooling.

Another proud day for the politicians, and the so called “scientists”, in the name of Global Warming Hysteria and “saving” the Earth BUT NOT THE PEOPLE.

Tom’s comment here:

At least 2,700 a year die in freezing homes

“More people die each year because they are unable to afford their household fuel bills than are killed in crashes on Britain‘s roads, a Government-commissioned report has found.

At least 2,700 people are dying in Britain every year because they are unable to adequately heat their houses, according to the interim findings of a report commissioned by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

The number of deaths outstrips the 1,857 people killed in road traffic accidents last year, said Professor John Hills, the academic at London School of Economics who wrote the report on fuel poverty and described it as a ‘very serious problem.’

He said that the estimate for people dying from cold is conservative and could be far higher.

It is making people ill, for some people it is actually killing them, it is worsening hardship for people who are already poor,” said Professor Hills.

And Professor Hills warned that the government’s push towards more greener energy supplies could push thousands more Britons into fuel poverty through rising costs.

His report – which was commissioned by Chris Huhne, the Energy Secretary, in March this year – found that “regressive” energy and climate change policies could add up to £140 to the annual energy bills of the country’s poorest households by 2020.

Four million households in the UK are currently in fuel poverty. This figure has trebled from 1.2 million households since 2004.

Sally Copley, head of UK poverty at Save the Children, said that keeping the home warm is “becoming a luxury that only the better off can afford.”

“It is estimated that a fifth of an electricity bill is made up of climate change policies, equivalent to £15 per megawatt-hour. This could more than double in the next decade.”

And remember this nearly two years ago:

Pensioners burn books for warmth

Hard-up pensioners have resorted to buying books from charity shops and burning them to keep warm.

“Volunteers have reported that ‘a large number’ of elderly customers are snapping up hardbacks as cheap fuel for their fires and stoves.”

“Ruth Davison, of the National Housing Federation, said: ‘The spiralling cost of energy means heating homes has become a luxury rather than a necessity for many people – particularly the elderly, low paid and unemployed.’”

And no two years later it is even worse thanks to “our” dear politicians. Way to go.

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The scariest photo I have seen – Where is Solar Cycle 24?

27 april, 2008

Så här ser solen ut i dag vid tretiden på e.m. Inte en solfläck i sikte. Den pyttelilla fläcken 992 som kom i måndags är nu borta. Dessförinnan så kom det ytterligare en  liten fläck den 4 januari som försvann på två dagar. För två veckor sedan kom en mycket liten fläck som försvann inom ett dygn.

Enligt beräkningarna så skulle sol cykel 24 ha börjat hösten 2006 men det gjord den inte. Då beräknade man att den skulle börja i mars 2007 men det gjorde den inte. Och den har fortfarande inte officiellt börjat.

Den officiella NOAA, NASA, and ISES ”Solar Cycle 24 prediction” har nu missat den sena starten för cykel 24 flera gånger.

Ni undrar säkert varför i hela friden skall man bry sig om solcykler och solfläckar av alla saker. Jo därför att de spelar en stor roll för klimat och väder på jorden.

Den senaste gången det var en så här stor fördröjning innan solfläckscykeln kom i gång var under ”the Dalton Minimum” (1790 till 1830) som medförde en mycket kall period med mycket svåra vintrar i Europa.

Låg solaktivitet har alltid medfört kallare klimat på jorden. Och de klimatmodeller som Global Warming Hysterikerna använder tar INTE hänsyn till de här variationerna.

Läs även den intressanta artikeln av Phil Chapman om dessa solfläcks cyklar och deras betydelse.

Solbild finns här:

Solfläcks grafen fins här:

NOAA, NASA, and ISES Solar Cycle 24 prediction finns här:

Philip Chapmans artikel finns här:,25197,23583376-7583,00.html

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